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calICalendarSearchProvider Interface Reference

import "calICalendarSearchProvider.idl";

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Public Member Functions

calIOperation searchForCalendars (in AUTF8String aString, in unsigned long aHints, in unsigned long aMaxResults, in calIGenericOperationListener aListener)
 Searches for calendars matching the specified search string.

Public Attributes

const unsigned long HINT_EXACT_MATCH = 1
 Specifies whether the search string should exactly match.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 44 of file calICalendarSearchProvider.idl.

Member Function Documentation

calIOperation calICalendarSearchProvider::searchForCalendars ( in AUTF8String  aString,
in unsigned long  aHints,
in unsigned long  aMaxResults,
in calIGenericOperationListener  aListener 

Searches for calendars matching the specified search string.

It's up to the search provider what properties of a calendar it takes into account for the search. The passed hints serve for optimization purposes. Callers need to keep in mind that providers may not be able to implement all of the stated hints passed, thus are required to filter further if necessary. Results are notified to the passed listener interface.

aStringsearch string to match
aHintssearch hints
aMaxResultsmaximum number of results (0 denotes provider specific maximum)
aListenercalled with an array of calICalendar objects
optional operation handle to track the operation

Member Data Documentation

Specifies whether the search string should exactly match.

Definition at line 49 of file calICalendarSearchProvider.idl.

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