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MozActiveXMLLib::struct Interface Reference

import "activexml.idl";

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Public Member Functions

HRESULT setAttribute ([in] BSTR strPropertyName,[in] VARIANT PropertyValue)
HRESULT getAttribute ([in] BSTR strPropertyName,[retval, out] VARIANT *PropertyValue)
HRESULT removeAttribute ([in] BSTR strPropertyName)
HRESULT addChild ([in] IXMLElement *pChildElem, long lIndex, long lReserved)
HRESULT removeChild ([in]IXMLElement *pChildElem)


BSTR tagName [get, set]
IXMLElement parent [get]
IXMLElementCollection children [get]
long type [get]
BSTR text [get, set]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 76 of file activexml.idl.

Member Function Documentation

HRESULT MozActiveXMLLib::struct::addChild ( [in] IXMLElement *  pChildElem,
long  lIndex,
long  lReserved 
HRESULT MozActiveXMLLib::struct::getAttribute ( [in] BSTR  strPropertyName,
[retval, out] VARIANT *  PropertyValue 
HRESULT MozActiveXMLLib::struct::removeAttribute ( [in] BSTR  strPropertyName)
HRESULT MozActiveXMLLib::struct::removeChild ( [in] IXMLElement *  pChildElem)
HRESULT MozActiveXMLLib::struct::setAttribute ( [in] BSTR  strPropertyName,
[in] VARIANT  PropertyValue 

Property Documentation

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