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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
Public Member Functions
MOZILLACONTROLLib::DWebBrowserEvents2 Interface Reference

import "MozillaControl.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void StatusTextChange ([in]BSTR Text)
void ProgressChange ([in] long Progress,[in] long ProgressMax)
void CommandStateChange ([in] long Command,[in] VARIANT_BOOL Enable)
void DownloadBegin ()
void DownloadComplete ()
void TitleChange ([in] BSTR Text)
void PropertyChange ([in] BSTR szProperty)
void BeforeNavigate2 ([in] IDispatch *pDisp,[in] VARIANT *URL,[in] VARIANT *Flags,[in] VARIANT *TargetFrameName,[in] VARIANT *PostData,[in] VARIANT *Headers,[in, out] VARIANT_BOOL *Cancel)
void NewWindow2 ([in, out] IDispatch **ppDisp,[in, out] VARIANT_BOOL *Cancel)
void NavigateComplete2 ([in] IDispatch *pDisp,[in] VARIANT *URL)
void DocumentComplete ([in] IDispatch *pDisp,[in] VARIANT *URL)
void OnQuit ()
void OnVisible ([in] VARIANT_BOOL Visible)
void OnToolBar ([in] VARIANT_BOOL ToolBar)
void OnMenuBar ([in] VARIANT_BOOL MenuBar)
void OnStatusBar ([in] VARIANT_BOOL StatusBar)
void OnFullScreen ([in] VARIANT_BOOL FullScreen)
void OnTheaterMode ([in] VARIANT_BOOL TheaterMode)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 380 of file MozillaControl.idl.

Member Function Documentation

void MOZILLACONTROLLib::DWebBrowserEvents2::BeforeNavigate2 ( [in] IDispatch pDisp,
[in] VARIANT *  URL,
[in] VARIANT *  Flags,
[in] VARIANT *  TargetFrameName,
[in] VARIANT *  PostData,
[in] VARIANT *  Headers,
[in, out] VARIANT_BOOL *  Cancel 
void MOZILLACONTROLLib::DWebBrowserEvents2::CommandStateChange ( [in] long  Command,
[in] VARIANT_BOOL  Enable 
void MOZILLACONTROLLib::DWebBrowserEvents2::DocumentComplete ( [in] IDispatch pDisp,
[in] VARIANT *  URL 
void MOZILLACONTROLLib::DWebBrowserEvents2::NavigateComplete2 ( [in] IDispatch pDisp,
[in] VARIANT *  URL 
void MOZILLACONTROLLib::DWebBrowserEvents2::NewWindow2 ( [in, out] IDispatch **  ppDisp,
[in, out] VARIANT_BOOL *  Cancel 
void MOZILLACONTROLLib::DWebBrowserEvents2::OnFullScreen ( [in] VARIANT_BOOL  FullScreen)
void MOZILLACONTROLLib::DWebBrowserEvents2::OnStatusBar ( [in] VARIANT_BOOL  StatusBar)
void MOZILLACONTROLLib::DWebBrowserEvents2::OnTheaterMode ( [in] VARIANT_BOOL  TheaterMode)
void MOZILLACONTROLLib::DWebBrowserEvents2::ProgressChange ( [in] long  Progress,
[in] long  ProgressMax 

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