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Public Member Functions
IDispatchTestLib::nsIXPCDispTestMethods Interface Reference

import "XPCIDispatchTest.idl";

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Public Member Functions

HRESULT NoParameters ()
HRESULT ReturnBSTR ([out, retval]BSTR *result)
HRESULT ReturnI4 ([out, retval]int *result)
HRESULT ReturnUI1 ([out, retval]unsigned char *result)
HRESULT ReturnI2 ([out, retval]short *result)
HRESULT ReturnR4 ([out, retval]float *result)
HRESULT ReturnR8 ([out, retval]double *result)
HRESULT ReturnBool ([out, retval]VARIANT_BOOL *result)
HRESULT ReturnIDispatch ([out, retval]IDispatch **result)
HRESULT ReturnError ([out, retval]SCODE *result)
HRESULT ReturnDate ([out, retval]DATE *result)
HRESULT ReturnIUnknown ([out, retval]IUnknown **result)
HRESULT ReturnI1 ([out, retval]char *result)
HRESULT ReturnUI2 ([out, retval]unsigned short *result)
HRESULT ReturnUI4 ([out, retval]unsigned long *result)
HRESULT ReturnInt ([out, retval]int *result)
HRESULT ReturnUInt ([out, retval]unsigned int *result)
HRESULT TakesBSTR ([in]BSTR result)
HRESULT TakesI4 ([in]int result)
HRESULT TakesUI1 ([in]unsigned char result)
HRESULT TakesI2 ([in]short result)
HRESULT TakesR4 ([in]float result)
HRESULT TakesR8 ([in]double result)
HRESULT TakesBool ([in]VARIANT_BOOL result)
HRESULT TakesIDispatch ([in]IDispatch *result)
HRESULT TakesError ([in]SCODE result)
HRESULT TakesDate ([in]DATE result)
HRESULT TakesIUnknown ([in]IUnknown *result)
HRESULT TakesI1 ([in]char result)
HRESULT TakesUI2 ([in]unsigned short result)
HRESULT TakesUI4 ([in]unsigned long result)
HRESULT TakesInt ([in]int result)
HRESULT TakesUInt ([in]unsigned int result)
HRESULT OutputsBSTR ([out]BSTR *result)
HRESULT OutputsI4 ([out]long *result)
HRESULT OutputsUI1 ([out]unsigned char *result)
HRESULT OutputsI2 ([out]short *result)
HRESULT OutputsR4 ([out]float *result)
HRESULT OutputsR8 ([out]double *result)
HRESULT OutputsBool ([out]VARIANT_BOOL *result)
HRESULT OutputsIDispatch ([out]IDispatch **result)
HRESULT OutputsError ([out]SCODE *result)
HRESULT OutputsDate ([out]DATE *result)
HRESULT OutputsIUnknown ([out]IUnknown **result)
HRESULT OutputsI1 ([out]char *result)
HRESULT OutputsUI2 ([out]unsigned short *result)
HRESULT OutputsUI4 ([out]unsigned long *result)
HRESULT InOutsBSTR ([in, out]BSTR *result)
HRESULT InOutsI4 ([in, out]long *result)
HRESULT InOutsUI1 ([in, out]unsigned char *result)
HRESULT InOutsI2 ([in, out]short *result)
HRESULT InOutsR4 ([in, out]float *result)
HRESULT InOutsR8 ([in, out]double *result)
HRESULT InOutsBool ([in, out]VARIANT_BOOL *result)
HRESULT InOutsIDispatch ([in, out]IDispatch **result)
HRESULT InOutsError ([in, out]SCODE *result)
HRESULT InOutsDate ([in, out]DATE *result)
HRESULT InOutsIUnknown ([in, out]IUnknown **result)
HRESULT InOutsI1 ([in, out]char *result)
HRESULT InOutsUI2 ([in, out]unsigned short *result)
HRESULT InOutsUI4 ([in, out]unsigned long *result)
HRESULT OneParameterWithReturn ([in]long input,[out, retval]long *result)
HRESULT StringInputAndReturn ([in]BSTR str,[out, retval]BSTR *result)
HRESULT IDispatchInputAndReturn ([in]IDispatch *input,[out, retval]IDispatch **result)
HRESULT TwoParameters ([in]long one,[in]long two)
HRESULT TwelveInParameters ([in]long one,[in]long two,[in]long three,[in]long four,[in]long five,[in]long six,[in]long seven,[in]long eight,[in]long nine,[in]long ten,[in]long eleven,[in]long twelve)
HRESULT TwelveOutParameters ([out]long *one,[out]long *two,[out]long *three,[out]long *four,[out]long *five,[out]long *six,[out]long *seven,[out]long *eight,[out]long *nine,[out]long *ten,[out]long *eleven,[out]long *twelve)
HRESULT TwelveStrings ([in]BSTR one,[in]BSTR two,[in]BSTR three,[in]BSTR four,[in]BSTR five,[in]BSTR six,[in]BSTR seven,[in]BSTR eight,[in]BSTR nine,[in]BSTR ten,[in]BSTR eleven,[in]BSTR twelve)
HRESULT TwelveOutStrings ([out]BSTR *one,[out]BSTR *two,[out]BSTR *three,[out]BSTR *four,[out]BSTR *five,[out]BSTR *six,[out]BSTR *seven,[out]BSTR *eight,[out]BSTR *nine,[out]BSTR *ten,[out]BSTR *eleven,[out]BSTR *twelve)
HRESULT TwelveIDispatch ([in]IDispatch *one,[in]IDispatch *two,[in]IDispatch *three,[in]IDispatch *four,[in]IDispatch *five,[in]IDispatch *six,[in]IDispatch *seven,[in]IDispatch *eight,[in]IDispatch *nine,[in]IDispatch *ten,[in]IDispatch *eleven,[in]IDispatch *twelve)
HRESULT TwelveOutIDispatch ([out]IDispatch **one,[out]IDispatch **two,[out]IDispatch **three,[out]IDispatch **four,[out]IDispatch **five,[out]IDispatch **six,[out]IDispatch **seven,[out]IDispatch **eight,[out]IDispatch **nine,[out]IDispatch **ten,[out]IDispatch **eleven,[out]IDispatch **twelve)
HRESULT CreateError ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 89 of file XPCIDispatchTest.idl.

Member Function Documentation

HRESULT IDispatchTestLib::nsIXPCDispTestMethods::InOutsBool ( [in, out] VARIANT_BOOL *  result)
HRESULT IDispatchTestLib::nsIXPCDispTestMethods::InOutsUI1 ( [in, out] unsigned char *  result)
HRESULT IDispatchTestLib::nsIXPCDispTestMethods::InOutsUI2 ( [in, out] unsigned short *  result)
HRESULT IDispatchTestLib::nsIXPCDispTestMethods::ReturnBool ( [out, retval] VARIANT_BOOL *  result)
HRESULT IDispatchTestLib::nsIXPCDispTestMethods::ReturnR8 ( [out, retval] double *  result)
HRESULT IDispatchTestLib::nsIXPCDispTestMethods::ReturnUI1 ( [out, retval] unsigned char *  result)
HRESULT IDispatchTestLib::nsIXPCDispTestMethods::ReturnUI2 ( [out, retval] unsigned short *  result)
HRESULT IDispatchTestLib::nsIXPCDispTestMethods::ReturnUI4 ( [out, retval] unsigned long result)
HRESULT IDispatchTestLib::nsIXPCDispTestMethods::ReturnUInt ( [out, retval] unsigned int result)
HRESULT IDispatchTestLib::nsIXPCDispTestMethods::StringInputAndReturn ( [in] BSTR  str,
[out, retval] BSTR *  result 
HRESULT IDispatchTestLib::nsIXPCDispTestMethods::TwelveIDispatch ( [in] IDispatch one,
[in] IDispatch two,
[in] IDispatch three,
[in] IDispatch four,
[in] IDispatch five,
[in] IDispatch six,
[in] IDispatch seven,
[in] IDispatch eight,
[in] IDispatch nine,
[in] IDispatch ten,
[in] IDispatch eleven,
[in] IDispatch twelve 
HRESULT IDispatchTestLib::nsIXPCDispTestMethods::TwelveInParameters ( [in] long  one,
[in] long  two,
[in] long  three,
[in] long  four,
[in] long  five,
[in] long  six,
[in] long  seven,
[in] long  eight,
[in] long  nine,
[in] long  ten,
[in] long  eleven,
[in] long  twelve 
HRESULT IDispatchTestLib::nsIXPCDispTestMethods::TwelveOutIDispatch ( [out] IDispatch **  one,
[out] IDispatch **  two,
[out] IDispatch **  three,
[out] IDispatch **  four,
[out] IDispatch **  five,
[out] IDispatch **  six,
[out] IDispatch **  seven,
[out] IDispatch **  eight,
[out] IDispatch **  nine,
[out] IDispatch **  ten,
[out] IDispatch **  eleven,
[out] IDispatch **  twelve 
HRESULT IDispatchTestLib::nsIXPCDispTestMethods::TwelveOutParameters ( [out] long one,
[out] long two,
[out] long three,
[out] long four,
[out] long five,
[out] long six,
[out] long seven,
[out] long eight,
[out] long nine,
[out] long ten,
[out] long eleven,
[out] long twelve 
HRESULT IDispatchTestLib::nsIXPCDispTestMethods::TwelveOutStrings ( [out] BSTR *  one,
[out] BSTR *  two,
[out] BSTR *  three,
[out] BSTR *  four,
[out] BSTR *  five,
[out] BSTR *  six,
[out] BSTR *  seven,
[out] BSTR *  eight,
[out] BSTR *  nine,
[out] BSTR *  ten,
[out] BSTR *  eleven,
[out] BSTR *  twelve 
HRESULT IDispatchTestLib::nsIXPCDispTestMethods::TwelveStrings ( [in] BSTR  one,
[in] BSTR  two,
[in] BSTR  three,
[in] BSTR  four,
[in] BSTR  five,
[in] BSTR  six,
[in] BSTR  seven,
[in] BSTR  eight,
[in] BSTR  nine,
[in] BSTR  ten,
[in] BSTR  eleven,
[in] BSTR  twelve 

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