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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
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00001 # This file is in the UTF-8 encoding. It is *not*
00002 # a Java .properties file and does *not* use \escapes
00004 Welcome_Title=$ProductName$ Setup
00005 Welcome_MessageWelcome=Welcome to %s!
00006 Welcome_Message0=You are about to install %s 2 Alpha 1.
00007 Welcome_Message1=It is strongly recommended that you exit all Windows programs before running this Setup program.
00008 Welcome_Message2=Click Cancel to quit Setup and then close any programs you have running.  Click Next to continue the Setup program.
00009 Welcome_Message3=Click Next to continue installing %s 2 Alpha 1.
00011 License_Title=Software License Agreement
00012 License_SubTitle=Terms and conditions for using this software.
00013 License_Message0=Please read the following license agreement. Use the scroll bar to view the rest of this agreement.
00014 License_Accept=I &Accept the terms of the License Agreement
00015 License_Decline=I do NO&T Accept the terms of the License Agreement
00017 Type_Title=Setup Type
00018 Type_SubTitle=Choose setup options.
00019 Type_Message0=Choose the type of Setup you prefer, then click Next.
00021 Standard_Short=&Standard
00022 Standard_Long=Thunderbird will be installed with the most common options.
00024 Custom_Short=&Custom
00025 Custom_Long=You may choose individual options to be installed. Recommended for experienced users.
00027 Select_Title=Select Components
00028 Select_SubTitle=Additional components that enhance $ProductName$.
00029 Select_Message0=Choose additional components you want to install, then click Next.
00031 Path_Title=Install Folder
00032 Path_SubTitle=Where $ProductName$ will be installed.
00033 Path_Message0=$ProductName$ will be installed into the following folder:
00035 Integration_Title=Set Up Shortcuts
00036 Integration_SubTitle=Creates Program Icons
00037 Integration_Message0=Create icons for $ProductShortName$:
00039 Integration_Desktop=On my Desktop
00040 Integration_StartMenu=In my Start Menu Programs folder
00041 Integration_QuickLaunch=In my Quick Launch bar
00043 SelectFolder_Title=$ProductName$ Setup - Select Program Folder
00044 SelectFolder_Message0=Setup will add program icons to the Program Folder listed below.  You may type a new folder name, or select one from the Existing Folders list.  Click Next to continue.
00046 Advanced_Title=$ProductName$ Setup - Advanced Settings
00047 Advanced_Message0=If your Internet connection requires a proxy server, enter your server name and port information.  If your Internet connection doesn't require a proxy server, leave the fields blank.
00049 Install_Title=Summary
00050 Install_SubTitle=Ready to start installing $ProductName$.
00051 Install_MessageInstall=Setup will now install the following components:
00052 Install_MessageDownload=Setup will now download and install the following components:
00053 Install_Message0=Click Next to continue.
00055 Downloading_Title=Downloading
00056 Downloading_SubTitle=Downloading required components...
00057 Downloading_Blurb=Setup is downloading the files required to install $ProductName$.
00058 Downloading_FileName=Currently Downloading:
00059 Downloading_Time=Time Remaining:
00061 Installing_Title=Installing
00062 Installing_SubTitle=Installing $ProductName$...
00063 Installing_Blurb=Setup is installing application files. 
00064 Installing_Status=Preparing File:
00065 Installing_Component=Currently Installing:
00067 Success_Title=Install Complete
00068 Success_Header=Install Complete
00069 Success_Message0=%s was successfully installed.
00070 Success_Message1=Click Finish to complete Setup. 
00071 Success_Launch=Launch %s now.
00073 Check_Message=Download of $ProductName$ was successful. $ProductNameInternal$ must be closed to proceed with installation. Click OK to exit $ProductNameInternal$ automatically and to begin installation.
00074 Check_FullMessage=$ProductNameInternal$ must be closed to proceed with installation. Click OK to exit $ProductNameInternal$ automatically and to begin installation.
00075 Check_Wait=Shutting down $ProductNameInternal$.  Please wait...
00077 Component_XPCOM=Cross Platform COM
00078 Component_Mail=$ProductName$
00079 Component_Offline=Offline Support
00080 Component_Offline_Long=Adds Offline support to $ProductName$ Mail.
00081 Component_RSS=RSS Support
00082 Component_RSS_Long=Adds RSS support to $ProductName$.
00083 Component_QFA=Quality Feedback Agent
00084 Component_QFA_Long=for reporting $ProductName$ crash information