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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
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icalcsdb.h File Reference
#include "ical.h"

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typedef void icalcsdb


icalcsdbicalcsdb_new (char *path)
void icalcsdb_free (icalcsdb *csdb)
icalerrorenum icalcsdb_create (icalcsdb *db, char *calid)
icalerrorenum icalcsdb_delete (icalcsdb *db, char *calid)
icalerrorenum icalcsdb_move (icalcsdb *db, char *oldcalid, char *newcalid)
icalerrorenum icalcsdb_noop (icalcsdb *db)
char * icalcsdb_generateuid (icalcsdb *db)
icalcomponent * icalcsdb_expand_upn (icalcsdb *db, char *upn)
icalcomponent * icalcsdb_expand_calid (icalcsdb *db, char *calid)
icalerrorenum icalcsbd_senddata (icalcsdb *db, icalcomponent *comp)
icalset * icalcsdb_get_calendar (icalcsdb *db, char *calid, icalcomponent *gauge)
icalset * icalcsdb_get_vcars (icalcsdb *db)
icalset * icalcsdb_get_properties (icalcsdb *db)
icalset * icalcsdb_get_capabilities (icalcsdb *db)
icalset * icalcsdb_get_timezones (icalcsdb *db)

Typedef Documentation

typedef void icalcsdb

Definition at line 31 of file icalcsdb.h.

Function Documentation

icalerrorenum icalcsbd_senddata ( icalcsdb db,
icalcomponent *  comp 
icalerrorenum icalcsdb_create ( icalcsdb db,
char *  calid 
icalerrorenum icalcsdb_delete ( icalcsdb db,
char *  calid 
icalcomponent* icalcsdb_expand_calid ( icalcsdb db,
char *  calid 
icalcomponent* icalcsdb_expand_upn ( icalcsdb db,
char *  upn 
char* icalcsdb_generateuid ( icalcsdb db)
icalset* icalcsdb_get_calendar ( icalcsdb db,
char *  calid,
icalcomponent *  gauge 
icalset* icalcsdb_get_capabilities ( icalcsdb db)
icalset* icalcsdb_get_properties ( icalcsdb db)
icalset* icalcsdb_get_timezones ( icalcsdb db)
icalset* icalcsdb_get_vcars ( icalcsdb db)
icalerrorenum icalcsdb_move ( icalcsdb db,
char *  oldcalid,
char *  newcalid 
icalcsdb* icalcsdb_new ( char *  path)