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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
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nsAppShell.cpp File Reference
#include "prmon.h"
#include "plhash.h"
#include "nscore.h"
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"
#include "nsAppShell.h"
#include "nsIAppShell.h"
#include "nsIServiceManager.h"
#include "nsIEventQueueService.h"
#include "nsGtkEventHandler.h"
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <gdk/gdkx.h>
#include "nsIWidget.h"
#include "glib.h"
#include "nsVoidArray.h"

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struct  OurGdkIOClosure


#define NUMBER_HASH_KEY(_num)   ((PLHashNumber) _num)


static gboolean our_gdk_io_invoke (GIOChannel *source, GIOCondition condition, gpointer data)
static void our_gdk_io_destroy (gpointer data)
static gint our_gdk_input_add (gint source, GdkInputFunction function, gpointer data, gint priority)
static unsigned long getNextRequest (void *aClosure)
static void event_processor_callback (gpointer data, gint source, GdkInputCondition condition)
static PLHashNumber IntHashKey (PRInt32 key)
PRBool processQueue (void *aElement, void *aData)


static PLHashTablesQueueHashTable = nsnull
static PLHashTablesCountHashTable = nsnull
static nsVoidArraysEventQueueList = nsnull

Class Documentation

struct OurGdkIOClosure

Definition at line 62 of file nsAppShell.cpp.

Class Members
gpointer data
GdkInputFunction function

Define Documentation

#define NUMBER_HASH_KEY (   _num)    ((PLHashNumber) _num)

Definition at line 335 of file nsAppShell.cpp.

Function Documentation

static void event_processor_callback ( gpointer  data,
gint  source,
GdkInputCondition  condition 
) [static]

Definition at line 180 of file nsAppShell.cpp.

  nsIEventQueue *eventQueue = (nsIEventQueue*)data;
  if (eventQueue)
static unsigned long getNextRequest ( void aClosure) [static]

Definition at line 116 of file nsAppShell.cpp.

  return NextRequest(GDK_DISPLAY());
static PLHashNumber IntHashKey ( PRInt32  key) [static]

Definition at line 338 of file nsAppShell.cpp.

  return NUMBER_HASH_KEY(key);
static gint our_gdk_input_add ( gint  source,
GdkInputFunction  function,
gpointer  data,
gint  priority 
) [static]

Definition at line 91 of file nsAppShell.cpp.

  guint result;
  OurGdkIOClosure *closure = g_new (OurGdkIOClosure, 1);
  GIOChannel *channel;

  closure->function = function;
  closure->data = data;

  channel = g_io_channel_unix_new (source);
  result = g_io_add_watch_full (channel, priority, G_IO_IN,
                                closure, our_gdk_io_destroy);
  g_io_channel_unref (channel);

  return result;

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static void our_gdk_io_destroy ( gpointer  data) [static]

Definition at line 79 of file nsAppShell.cpp.

  OurGdkIOClosure* ioc = (OurGdkIOClosure*) data;
  if (ioc) {

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static gboolean our_gdk_io_invoke ( GIOChannel *  source,
GIOCondition  condition,
gpointer  data 
) [static]

Definition at line 68 of file nsAppShell.cpp.

  OurGdkIOClosure* ioc = (OurGdkIOClosure*) data;
  if (ioc) {
    (*ioc->function)(ioc->data, g_io_channel_unix_get_fd(source),
  return TRUE;

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PRBool processQueue ( void aElement,
void aData 

Definition at line 404 of file nsAppShell.cpp.

  PLEventQueue *queue = (PLEventQueue *) aElement;
  unsigned int  id = NS_PTR_TO_INT32(aData);
  PL_ProcessEventsBeforeID(queue, id);
  return PR_TRUE;

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Variable Documentation

Definition at line 59 of file nsAppShell.cpp.

Definition at line 60 of file nsAppShell.cpp.

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