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gfxIFormats.idl File Reference

gfx image formats. More...

import "gfxtypes.idl";
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interface  gfxIFormats
 gfxIFormats interface More...

Detailed Description

gfx image formats.

Definition in file gfxIFormats.idl.

Class Documentation

interface gfxIFormats

gfxIFormats interface

Tim Rowley
Stuart Parmenter
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Definition at line 56 of file gfxIFormats.idl.

Class Members
const gfx_format BGR BGR - same as RGB except byteswaped.
const gfx_format BGR_A1 BGR_A1 - same as RGB_A1 except byteswaped.
const gfx_format BGR_A8 BGR_A8 - same as RGB_A8 except byteswaped.
const gfx_format BGRA BGRA - packed RGBA image.
const gfx_format RGB RGB - duh...
const gfx_format RGB_A1 RGB_A1 - RGB image and 1-bit alpha mask.
const gfx_format RGB_A8 RGB_A8 - RGB image and 8-bit alpha image.
const gfx_format RGBA RGBA - packed RGBA image.