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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
get_jni.cpp File Reference
#include <JNIEnvTests.h>
#include <nsIServiceManager.h>

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nsresult GetJNI (JNIEnv **env)

Function Documentation

nsresult GetJNI ( JNIEnv **  env)

Definition at line 40 of file get_jni.cpp.

       nsIJVMManager *jvmMngr = nsnull;
       nsresult rv = NS_OK;
       *env = nsnull;
       rv = CallGetService(kJVMManagerCID, &jvmMngr);
       if (rv != NS_OK || !jvmMngr) {
              fprintf(stderr, "ERROR: Can't get JVM manager !\n");
              return NS_ERROR_FAILURE;
       if (NS_SUCCEEDED(jvmMngr->GetProxyJNI(env)) && *env)
              return NS_OK;
       fprintf(stderr, "ERROR: Can't get JNI env !\n");
       return NS_ERROR_FAILURE;

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