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jritypes.h File Reference
#include "jni.h"
#include <stddef.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
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union  JRIValue
union  JRI_JDK_stack_item
union  JRI_JDK_Java8Str


#define JRIConstructorMethodName   "<init>"
#define JRISigArray(T)   "[" T
#define JRISigByte   "B"
#define JRISigChar   "C"
#define JRISigClass(name)   "L" name ";"
#define JRISigFloat   "F"
#define JRISigDouble   "D"
#define JRISigMethod(args)   "(" args ")"
#define JRISigNoArgs   ""
#define JRISigInt   "I"
#define JRISigLong   "J"
#define JRISigShort   "S"
#define JRISigVoid   "V"
#define JRISigBoolean   "Z"
#define JRI_NewByteArray(env, length, initialValues)   JRI_NewScalarArray(env, length, JRISigByte, (jbyte*)(initialValues))
#define JRI_GetByteArrayLength(env, array)   JRI_GetScalarArrayLength(env, array)
#define JRI_GetByteArrayElements(env, array)   JRI_GetScalarArrayElements(env, array)
#define JRI_NewCharArray(env, length, initialValues)   JRI_NewScalarArray(env, ((length) * sizeof(jchar)), JRISigChar, (jbyte*)(initialValues))
#define JRI_GetCharArrayLength(env, array)   JRI_GetScalarArrayLength(env, array)
#define JRI_GetCharArrayElements(env, array)   ((jchar*)JRI_GetScalarArrayElements(env, array))
#define JRI_NewShortArray(env, length, initialValues)   JRI_NewScalarArray(env, ((length) * sizeof(jshort)), JRISigShort, (jbyte*)(initialValues))
#define JRI_GetShortArrayLength(env, array)   JRI_GetScalarArrayLength(env, array)
#define JRI_GetShortArrayElements(env, array)   ((jshort*)JRI_GetScalarArrayElements(env, array))
#define JRI_NewIntArray(env, length, initialValues)   JRI_NewScalarArray(env, ((length) * sizeof(jint)), JRISigInt, (jbyte*)(initialValues))
#define JRI_GetIntArrayLength(env, array)   JRI_GetScalarArrayLength(env, array)
#define JRI_GetIntArrayElements(env, array)   ((jint*)JRI_GetScalarArrayElements(env, array))
#define JRI_NewLongArray(env, length, initialValues)   JRI_NewScalarArray(env, ((length) * sizeof(jlong)), JRISigLong, (jbyte*)(initialValues))
#define JRI_GetLongArrayLength(env, array)   JRI_GetScalarArrayLength(env, array)
#define JRI_GetLongArrayElements(env, array)   ((jlong*)JRI_GetScalarArrayElements(env, array))
#define JRI_NewFloatArray(env, length, initialValues)   JRI_NewScalarArray(env, ((length) * sizeof(jfloat)), JRISigFloat, (jbyte*)(initialValues))
#define JRI_GetFloatArrayLength(env, array)   JRI_GetScalarArrayLength(env, array)
#define JRI_GetFloatArrayElements(env, array)   ((jfloat*)JRI_GetScalarArrayElements(env, array))
#define JRI_NewDoubleArray(env, length, initialValues)   JRI_NewScalarArray(env, ((length) * sizeof(jdouble)), JRISigDouble, (jbyte*)(initialValues))
#define JRI_GetDoubleArrayLength(env, array)   JRI_GetScalarArrayLength(env, array)
#define JRI_GetDoubleArrayElements(env, array)   ((jdouble*)JRI_GetScalarArrayElements(env, array))


typedef voidJRIRef
typedef voidJRIGlobalRef
typedef jint JRIFieldID
typedef jint JRIMethodID
typedef JRIGlobalRef jglobal
typedef union JRIValue JRIValue
typedef enum JRIBoolean JRIBoolean
typedef enum JRIConstant JRIConstant
typedef struct jstringArrayStruct * jstringArray
typedef struct jarrayArrayStruct * jarrayArray
typedef union JRI_JDK_stack_item JRI_JDK_stack_item
typedef union JRI_JDK_Java8Str JRI_JDK_Java8


enum  JRIBoolean { JRIFalse = 0, JRITrue = 1, JRIFalse = 0, JRITrue = 1 }
enum  JRIConstant { JRIUninitialized = -1, JRIUninitialized = -1 }


 JRI_PUBLIC_API (const struct JRIEnvInterface **) JRI_GetCurrentEnv(void)

Class Documentation

union JRIValue

Definition at line 65 of file jritypes.h.

Class Members
jbyte b
jchar c
jdouble d
jfloat f
jint i
jlong l
jref r
jshort s
jbool z
union JRI_JDK_stack_item

Definition at line 210 of file jritypes.h.

Class Members
unsigned char * addr
jfloat f
void * h
jint i
jint o
void * p
union JRI_JDK_Java8Str

Definition at line 225 of file jritypes.h.

Class Members
jdouble d
float f
jlong l
void * p
jint x

Define Documentation

Definition at line 159 of file jritypes.h.

Definition at line 157 of file jritypes.h.

Definition at line 166 of file jritypes.h.

Definition at line 164 of file jritypes.h.

Definition at line 201 of file jritypes.h.

Definition at line 199 of file jritypes.h.

Definition at line 194 of file jritypes.h.

Definition at line 192 of file jritypes.h.

Definition at line 180 of file jritypes.h.

Definition at line 178 of file jritypes.h.

Definition at line 187 of file jritypes.h.

Definition at line 185 of file jritypes.h.

Definition at line 173 of file jritypes.h.

Definition at line 171 of file jritypes.h.

#define JRI_NewByteArray (   env,
)    JRI_NewScalarArray(env, length, JRISigByte, (jbyte*)(initialValues))

Definition at line 155 of file jritypes.h.

#define JRI_NewCharArray (   env,
)    JRI_NewScalarArray(env, ((length) * sizeof(jchar)), JRISigChar, (jbyte*)(initialValues))

Definition at line 162 of file jritypes.h.

#define JRI_NewDoubleArray (   env,
)    JRI_NewScalarArray(env, ((length) * sizeof(jdouble)), JRISigDouble, (jbyte*)(initialValues))

Definition at line 197 of file jritypes.h.

#define JRI_NewFloatArray (   env,
)    JRI_NewScalarArray(env, ((length) * sizeof(jfloat)), JRISigFloat, (jbyte*)(initialValues))

Definition at line 190 of file jritypes.h.

#define JRI_NewIntArray (   env,
)    JRI_NewScalarArray(env, ((length) * sizeof(jint)), JRISigInt, (jbyte*)(initialValues))

Definition at line 176 of file jritypes.h.

#define JRI_NewLongArray (   env,
)    JRI_NewScalarArray(env, ((length) * sizeof(jlong)), JRISigLong, (jbyte*)(initialValues))

Definition at line 183 of file jritypes.h.

#define JRI_NewShortArray (   env,
)    JRI_NewScalarArray(env, ((length) * sizeof(jshort)), JRISigShort, (jbyte*)(initialValues))

Definition at line 169 of file jritypes.h.

Definition at line 101 of file jritypes.h.

#define JRISigArray (   T)    "[" T

Definition at line 122 of file jritypes.h.

#define JRISigBoolean   "Z"

Definition at line 134 of file jritypes.h.

#define JRISigByte   "B"

Definition at line 123 of file jritypes.h.

#define JRISigChar   "C"

Definition at line 124 of file jritypes.h.

#define JRISigClass (   name)    "L" name ";"

Definition at line 125 of file jritypes.h.

#define JRISigDouble   "D"

Definition at line 127 of file jritypes.h.

#define JRISigFloat   "F"

Definition at line 126 of file jritypes.h.

#define JRISigInt   "I"

Definition at line 130 of file jritypes.h.

#define JRISigLong   "J"

Definition at line 131 of file jritypes.h.

#define JRISigMethod (   args)    "(" args ")"

Definition at line 128 of file jritypes.h.

#define JRISigNoArgs   ""

Definition at line 129 of file jritypes.h.

#define JRISigShort   "S"

Definition at line 132 of file jritypes.h.

#define JRISigVoid   "V"

Definition at line 133 of file jritypes.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct jarrayArrayStruct* jarrayArray

Definition at line 99 of file jritypes.h.

Definition at line 63 of file jritypes.h.

typedef enum JRIBoolean JRIBoolean
typedef enum JRIConstant JRIConstant
typedef jint JRIFieldID

Definition at line 59 of file jritypes.h.

typedef void* JRIGlobalRef

Definition at line 57 of file jritypes.h.

typedef jint JRIMethodID

Definition at line 60 of file jritypes.h.

typedef void* JRIRef

Definition at line 54 of file jritypes.h.

typedef union JRIValue JRIValue
typedef struct jstringArrayStruct* jstringArray

Definition at line 98 of file jritypes.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum JRIBoolean

Definition at line 77 of file jritypes.h.

    JRIFalse         = 0,
    JRITrue                 = 1
} JRIBoolean;

Definition at line 82 of file jritypes.h.

Function Documentation