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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
xptiFile Member List
This is the complete list of members for xptiFile, including all inherited members.
CopyFields(const xptiFile &r)xptiFile [inline, private]
Equals(const xptiFile &r) const xptiFile [inline]
GetDate() const xptiFile [inline]
GetDirectory() const xptiFile [inline]
GetGuts()xptiFile [inline]
GetName() const xptiFile [inline]
GetSize() const xptiFile [inline]
mDatexptiFile [private]
mDirectoryxptiFile [private]
mGutsxptiFile [private]
mNamexptiFile [private]
mSizexptiFile [private]
operator=(const xptiFile &r)xptiFile [inline]
SetHeader(XPTHeader *aHeader, xptiWorkingSet *aWorkingSet)xptiFile
xptiFile(const nsInt64 &aSize, const nsInt64 &aDate, PRUint32 aDirectory, const char *aName, xptiWorkingSet *aWorkingSet)xptiFile
xptiFile(const xptiFile &r, xptiWorkingSet *aWorkingSet)xptiFile
xptiFile(const xptiFile &r)xptiFile [inline]