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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
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xpcom.components._ShutdownObserver Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def observe

Static Private Attributes

 _com_interfaces_ = interfaces.nsIObserver

Detailed Description

Definition at line 224 of file

Member Function Documentation

def xpcom.components._ShutdownObserver.observe (   self,

Definition at line 226 of file

00227     def observe(self, service, topic, extra):
00228         global manager, registrar, classes, interfaces, interfaceInfoManager, _shutdownObserver, serviceManager, _constants_by_iid_map
00229         manager = registrar = classes = interfaces = interfaceInfoManager = _shutdownObserver = serviceManager = _constants_by_iid_map = None
00230         xpcom.client._shutdown()
00231         xpcom.server._shutdown()

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Definition at line 225 of file

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