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xpcom.client.WeakReference Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __call__

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Detailed Description

A weak-reference object.  You construct a weak reference by passing
any COM object you like.  If the object does not support weak
refs, you will get a standard NS_NOINTERFACE exception.

Once you have a weak-reference, you can "call" the object to get
back a strong reference.  Eg:

>>> some_ob = components.classes['...']
>>> weak_ref = WeakReference(some_ob)
>>> new_ob = weak_ref() # new_ob is effectively "some_ob" at this point
>>> # EXCEPT: new_ob may be None of some_ob has already died - a
>>> # weak reference does not keep the object alive (that is the point)

You should never hold onto this resulting strong object for a long time,
or else you defeat the purpose of the weak-reference.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def xpcom.client.WeakReference.__init__ (   self,
  iid = None 

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00463     def __init__(self, ob, iid = None):
00464         swr = Component(ob._comobj_, IID_nsISupportsWeakReference)
00465         self._comobj_ = Component(swr.GetWeakReference()._comobj_, IID_nsIWeakReference)
00466         if iid is None:
00467             try:
00468                 iid = ob.IID
00469             except AttributeError:
00470                 iid = IID_nsISupports
        self._iid_ = iid

Member Function Documentation

def xpcom.client.WeakReference.__call__ (   self,
  iid = None 

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00472     def __call__(self, iid = None):
00473         if iid is None: iid = self._iid_
00474         try:
00475             return Component(self._comobj_.QueryReferent(iid)._comobj_, iid)
00476         except COMException, details:
00477             if details.errno != nsError.NS_ERROR_NULL_POINTER:
00478                 raise
00479             return None

Member Data Documentation

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