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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
xpcTestInOut Member List
This is the complete list of members for xpcTestInOut, including all inherited members.
EchoBoolean(in boolean bi, out boolean bo)nsIXPCTestInOut
EchoChar(in char ci, out char co)nsIXPCTestInOut
EchoCharPtr(in charPtr csi, out charPtr cso)nsIXPCTestInOut
EchoDouble(in double di, out double dout)nsIXPCTestInOut
EchoFloat(in float fi, out float fo)nsIXPCTestInOut
EchoLong(in long li, out long lo)nsIXPCTestInOut
EchoLongLong(in long long lli, out long long llo)nsIXPCTestInOut
EchoNsCIDPtr(in nsCIDPtr pi, out nsCIDPtr po)nsIXPCTestInOut
EchoNsIDPtr(in nsIDPtr pi, out nsIDPtr po)nsIXPCTestInOut
EchoNsIIDPtr(in nsIIDPtr pi, out nsIIDPtr po)nsIXPCTestInOut
EchoNsQIResult(in nsQIResult ri, out nsQIResult ro)nsIXPCTestInOut
EchoOctet(in octet oi, out octet oo)nsIXPCTestInOut
EchoPRBool(in PRBool bi, out PRBool bo)nsIXPCTestInOut
EchoPRInt16(in PRInt16 li, out PRInt16 lo)nsIXPCTestInOut
EchoPRInt32(in PRInt32 li, out PRInt32 lo)nsIXPCTestInOut
EchoPRInt64(in PRInt64 ii, out PRInt64 io)nsIXPCTestInOut
EchoPRUint16(in PRUint16 ii, out PRUint16 io)nsIXPCTestInOut
EchoPRUint32(in PRUint32 ii, out PRUint32 io)nsIXPCTestInOut
EchoPRUint32_2(in PRUint32 ii, out PRUint32 io)nsIXPCTestInOut
EchoPRUint64(in PRUint64 ii, out PRUint64 io)nsIXPCTestInOut
EchoPRUint8(in PRUint8 ii, out PRUint8 io)nsIXPCTestInOut
EchoShort(in short si, out short so)nsIXPCTestInOut
EchoString(in wstring wsi, out wstring wso)nsIXPCTestInOut
EchoUnsignedLong(in unsigned long uli, out unsigned long ulo)nsIXPCTestInOut
EchoUnsignedShort(in unsigned short usi, out unsigned short uso)nsIXPCTestInOut
EchoVoidPtr(in voidPtr vsi, out voidPtr vso)nsIXPCTestInOut
EchoWchar(in wchar wci, out wchar wco)nsIXPCTestInOut