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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
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test_misc.TestUnwrap Class Reference

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def testUnwrap

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00214     def testUnwrap(self):
00215         # First test that a Python object can be unwrapped.
00216         ob = xpcom.components.classes["Python.TestComponent"].createInstance()
00217         pyob = xpcom.server.UnwrapObject(ob)
00218         # This depends on our __repr__ implementation, but that's OK - it
00219         # can be updated should our __repr__ change :)
00220         self.failUnless(str(pyob).startswith("<component:py_test_component.PythonTestComponent"))
00221         # Test that a non-Python implemented object can NOT be unwrapped.
00222         ob = get_sample_component_cpp()
00223         if ob is None:
00224             return
00225         self.failUnlessRaises(ValueError, xpcom.server.UnwrapObject, ob)

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