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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
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test_misc.TestRepr Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def testReprPython
def testReprSample

Private Member Functions

def _doTestRepr

Detailed Description

Definition at line 186 of file

Member Function Documentation

def test_misc.TestRepr._doTestRepr (   self,
) [private]

Definition at line 187 of file

00188     def _doTestRepr(self, progid, interfaces):
00189         if isinstance(progid, str):
00190             ob = xpcom.components.classes[progid].createInstance()
00191         else:
00192             ob = progid
00193         self.failUnless(repr(ob).find(str(progid)) >= 0, repr(ob))
00194         for interface_name in interfaces.split():
00195             self.failUnless(repr(ob).find(interface_name) >= 0, repr(ob))

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Definition at line 196 of file

00197     def testReprPython(self):
00198         "Test repr() of Python objects"
00199         self._doTestRepr("Python.TestComponent", "nsIPythonTestInterfaceDOMStrings nsIPythonTestInterfaceExtra nsIPythonTestInterface")

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Definition at line 204 of file

00205     def testReprSample(self):
00206         "Test repr() of non-Python objects"
00207         ob = get_sample_component_cpp()
00208         if ob is None:
00209             return
00210         self._doTestRepr(ob, "nsISample")

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