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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
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test_misc.TestIIDs Class Reference

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def TestIIDs

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00173     def TestIIDs(self):
00174         "Do some basic IID semantic tests."
00175         iid_str = "{7ee4bdc6-cb53-42c1-a9e4-616b8e012aba}"
00176         IID = xpcom._xpcom.IID
00177         self.failUnlessEqual(IID(iid_str), IID(iid_str))
00178         self.failUnlessEqual(hash(IID(iid_str)), hash(IID(iid_str)))
00179         self.failUnlessEqual(IID(iid_str), IID(iid_str.upper()))
00180         self.failUnlessEqual(hash(IID(iid_str)), hash(IID(iid_str.upper())))
00181         # If the above work, this shoud too, but WTF
00182         dict = {}
00183         dict[IID(iid_str)] = None
00184         self.failUnless(dict.has_key(IID(iid_str)), "hashes failed in dictionary")
00185         self.failUnless(dict.has_key(IID(iid_str.upper())), "uppercase hash failed in dictionary")

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