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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
nsXFontNormal Member List
This is the complete list of members for nsXFontNormal, including all inherited members.
DrawText16(GdkDrawable *Drawable, GdkGC *GC, PRInt32, PRInt32, const XChar2b *, PRUint32)nsXFontNormal [virtual]
DrawText8(GdkDrawable *Drawable, GdkGC *GC, PRInt32, PRInt32, const char *, PRUint32)nsXFontNormal [virtual]
GetXFontProperty(Atom, unsigned long *)nsXFontNormal [virtual]
GetXFontStruct()nsXFontNormal [virtual]
IsSingleByte()nsXFont [inline]
LoadFont()nsXFontNormal [virtual]
mGdkFontnsXFontNormal [protected]
mIsSingleBytensXFont [protected]
nsXFontNormal(GdkFont *)nsXFontNormal
TextExtents16(const XChar2b *, PRUint32, PRInt32 *, PRInt32 *, PRInt32 *, PRInt32 *, PRInt32 *)nsXFontNormal [virtual]
TextExtents8(const char *, PRUint32, PRInt32 *, PRInt32 *, PRInt32 *, PRInt32 *, PRInt32 *)nsXFontNormal [virtual]
TextWidth16(const XChar2b *, PRUint32)nsXFontNormal [virtual]
TextWidth8(const char *, PRUint32)nsXFontNormal [virtual]
UnloadFont()nsXFontNormal [virtual]
~nsXFont()nsXFont [inline, virtual]