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nsXBLJSClass Class Reference

#include <nsXBLService.h>

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Public Member Functions

 nsXBLJSClass (const nsAFlatCString &aClassName)
 ~nsXBLJSClass ()
nsrefcnt Hold ()
nsrefcnt Drop ()

Public Attributes

struct JSCListStrnext
struct JSCListStrprev
const char * name
uint32 flags
JSPropertyOp addProperty
JSPropertyOp delProperty
JSPropertyOp getProperty
JSPropertyOp setProperty
JSEnumerateOp enumerate
JSResolveOp resolve
JSConvertOp convert
JSFinalizeOp finalize
JSGetObjectOps getObjectOps
JSCheckAccessOp checkAccess
JSNative call
JSNative construct
JSXDRObjectOp xdrObject
JSHasInstanceOp hasInstance
JSMarkOp mark
JSReserveSlotsOp reserveSlots

Private Member Functions

nsrefcnt Destroy ()

Private Attributes

nsrefcnt mRefCnt

Detailed Description

Definition at line 133 of file nsXBLService.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Definition at line 123 of file nsXBLBinding.cpp.

Here is the call graph for this function:

Definition at line 141 of file nsXBLService.h.

{ nsMemory::Free((void*) name); }

Member Function Documentation

Definition at line 136 of file nsXBLBinding.cpp.

  NS_ASSERTION(next == prev && prev == NS_STATIC_CAST(JSCList*, this),
               "referenced nsXBLJSClass is on LRU list already!?");

  if (nsXBLService::gClassTable) {
    nsCStringKey key(name);

  if (nsXBLService::gClassLRUListLength >= nsXBLService::gClassLRUListQuota) {
    // Over LRU list quota, just unhash and delete this class.
    delete this;
  } else {
    // Put this most-recently-used class on end of the LRU-sorted freelist.
    JSCList* mru = NS_STATIC_CAST(JSCList*, this);
    JS_APPEND_LINK(mru, &nsXBLService::gClassLRUList);

  return 0;

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Definition at line 144 of file nsXBLService.h.

{ return --mRefCnt ? mRefCnt : Destroy(); }

Here is the call graph for this function:

Here is the caller graph for this function:

Definition at line 143 of file nsXBLService.h.

{ return ++mRefCnt; }

Here is the caller graph for this function:

Member Data Documentation

JSPropertyOp JSClass::addProperty [inherited]

Definition at line 920 of file jsapi.h.

JSNative JSClass::call [inherited]

Definition at line 932 of file jsapi.h.

JSCheckAccessOp JSClass::checkAccess [inherited]

Definition at line 931 of file jsapi.h.

JSNative JSClass::construct [inherited]

Definition at line 933 of file jsapi.h.

JSConvertOp JSClass::convert [inherited]

Definition at line 926 of file jsapi.h.

JSPropertyOp JSClass::delProperty [inherited]

Definition at line 921 of file jsapi.h.

JSEnumerateOp JSClass::enumerate [inherited]

Definition at line 924 of file jsapi.h.

JSFinalizeOp JSClass::finalize [inherited]

Definition at line 927 of file jsapi.h.

uint32 JSClass::flags [inherited]

Definition at line 917 of file jsapi.h.

JSGetObjectOps JSClass::getObjectOps [inherited]

Definition at line 930 of file jsapi.h.

JSPropertyOp JSClass::getProperty [inherited]

Definition at line 922 of file jsapi.h.

JSHasInstanceOp JSClass::hasInstance [inherited]

Definition at line 935 of file jsapi.h.

JSMarkOp JSClass::mark [inherited]

Definition at line 936 of file jsapi.h.

Definition at line 136 of file nsXBLService.h.

const char* JSClass::name [inherited]

Definition at line 916 of file jsapi.h.

struct JSCListStr* JSCListStr::next [inherited]

Definition at line 48 of file jsclist.h.

struct JSCListStr* JSCListStr::prev [inherited]

Definition at line 49 of file jsclist.h.

JSReserveSlotsOp JSClass::reserveSlots [inherited]

Definition at line 937 of file jsapi.h.

JSResolveOp JSClass::resolve [inherited]

Definition at line 925 of file jsapi.h.

JSPropertyOp JSClass::setProperty [inherited]

Definition at line 923 of file jsapi.h.

JSXDRObjectOp JSClass::xdrObject [inherited]

Definition at line 934 of file jsapi.h.

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