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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
nsWritingIterator< CharT > Member List
This is the complete list of members for nsWritingIterator< CharT >, including all inherited members.
advance(difference_type n)nsWritingIterator< CharT > [inline]
difference_type typedefnsWritingIterator< CharT >
end() const nsWritingIterator< CharT > [inline]
get() const nsWritingIterator< CharT > [inline]
mEndnsWritingIterator< CharT > [private]
mPositionnsWritingIterator< CharT > [private]
mStartnsWritingIterator< CharT > [private]
normalize_backward()nsWritingIterator< CharT > [inline]
normalize_forward()nsWritingIterator< CharT > [inline]
nsACString classnsWritingIterator< CharT > [friend]
nsAString classnsWritingIterator< CharT > [friend]
nsWritingIterator()nsWritingIterator< CharT > [inline]
operator*() const nsWritingIterator< CharT > [inline]
operator++()nsWritingIterator< CharT > [inline]
operator++(int)nsWritingIterator< CharT > [inline]
operator--()nsWritingIterator< CharT > [inline]
operator--(int)nsWritingIterator< CharT > [inline]
pointer typedefnsWritingIterator< CharT >
reference typedefnsWritingIterator< CharT >
self_type typedefnsWritingIterator< CharT >
size_backward() const nsWritingIterator< CharT > [inline]
size_forward() const nsWritingIterator< CharT > [inline]
start() const nsWritingIterator< CharT > [inline]
value_type typedefnsWritingIterator< CharT >
write(const value_type *s, PRUint32 n)nsWritingIterator< CharT > [inline]