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nsUniCharEntry Class Reference

#include <mozPersonalDictionary.h>

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Public Types

typedef const PRUnicharKeyType
typedef const PRUnicharKeyTypePointer

Public Member Functions

 nsUniCharEntry (const PRUnichar *aKey)
 nsUniCharEntry (const nsUniCharEntry &toCopy)
 ~nsUniCharEntry ()
KeyType GetKey () const
KeyTypePointer GetKeyPointer () const
PRBool KeyEquals (KeyTypePointer aKey) const

Static Public Member Functions

static KeyTypePointer KeyToPointer (KeyType aKey)
static PLDHashNumber HashKey (KeyTypePointer aKey)

Public Attributes

PLDHashNumber keyHash

Private Attributes


Detailed Description

Definition at line 57 of file mozPersonalDictionary.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 61 of file mozPersonalDictionary.h.

Definition at line 62 of file mozPersonalDictionary.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

Definition at line 83 of file mozPersonalDictionary.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Definition at line 64 of file mozPersonalDictionary.h.

: mKey(nsCRT::strdup(aKey)) {}

Definition at line 65 of file mozPersonalDictionary.h.

    NS_NOTREACHED("ALLOW_MEMMOVE is set, so copy ctor shouldn't be called");

Definition at line 70 of file mozPersonalDictionary.h.

    if (mKey)

Member Function Documentation

KeyType nsUniCharEntry::GetKey ( ) const [inline]

Definition at line 76 of file mozPersonalDictionary.h.

{ return mKey; }

Definition at line 77 of file mozPersonalDictionary.h.

{ return mKey; }
static PLDHashNumber nsUniCharEntry::HashKey ( KeyTypePointer  aKey) [inline, static]

Definition at line 81 of file mozPersonalDictionary.h.

{ return nsCRT::HashCode(aKey); }

Definition at line 78 of file mozPersonalDictionary.h.

{ return !nsCRT::strcmp(mKey, aKey); }
static KeyTypePointer nsUniCharEntry::KeyToPointer ( KeyType  aKey) [inline, static]

Definition at line 79 of file mozPersonalDictionary.h.

{ return aKey; }

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 113 of file pldhash.h.

Definition at line 86 of file mozPersonalDictionary.h.

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