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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
nsSimpleArray< Entry > Member List
This is the complete list of members for nsSimpleArray< Entry >, including all inherited members.
AppendElement(Entry entry)nsSimpleArray< Entry > [inline]
Count() const nsSimpleArray< Entry > [inline]
ElementAt(unsigned long aIndex) const nsSimpleArray< Entry > [inline]
Empty()nsSimpleArray< Entry > [inline]
IsEmpty() const nsSimpleArray< Entry > [inline]
m_nExpandArrayBynsSimpleArray< Entry > [private]
m_nMaxSizensSimpleArray< Entry > [private]
m_nSizensSimpleArray< Entry > [private]
m_pDatansSimpleArray< Entry > [private]
nsSimpleArray(unsigned long nExpandArrayBy=10)nsSimpleArray< Entry > [inline]
operator[](unsigned long aIndex) const nsSimpleArray< Entry > [inline]
RemoveElement(Entry entry)nsSimpleArray< Entry > [inline]
RemoveElementAt(unsigned long nIndex)nsSimpleArray< Entry > [inline]
~nsSimpleArray()nsSimpleArray< Entry > [inline, virtual]