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nsPostRefresh Class Reference

nsPostRefresh is needed by the UI Controls, which are implemented in XBL and used inside <repeat>. More...

#include <nsXFormsModelElement.h>

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Public Member Functions

 nsPostRefresh ()
 ~nsPostRefresh ()

Static Public Member Functions

static const nsVoidArrayPostRefreshList ()

Detailed Description

nsPostRefresh is needed by the UI Controls, which are implemented in XBL and used inside <repeat>.

It is needed to refresh the controls, because XBL bindings are attached to XForms controls after refreshing the <repeat>.

Definition at line 580 of file nsXFormsModelElement.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Definition at line 523 of file nsXFormsModelElement.cpp.

#ifdef DEBUG_smaug

Definition at line 531 of file nsXFormsModelElement.cpp.

#ifdef DEBUG_smaug

  if (sRefreshing != 1) {

  if (sPostRefreshList) {
    while (sPostRefreshList->Count()) {
      // Iterating this way because refresh can lead to
      // additions/deletions in sPostRefreshList.
      // Iterating from last to first saves possibly few memcopies,
      // see nsVoidArray::RemoveElementsAt().
      PRInt32 last = sPostRefreshList->Count() - 1;
      nsIXFormsControl* control =
        NS_STATIC_CAST(nsIXFormsControl*, sPostRefreshList->ElementAt(last));
      if (control)
    if (sRefreshing == 1) {
      delete sPostRefreshList;
      sPostRefreshList = nsnull;


  // process sContainerPostRefreshList after we've decremented sRefreshing.
  // container->refresh below could ask for ContainerNeedsPostRefresh which
  // will add an item to the sContainerPostRefreshList if sRefreshing > 0.
  // So keeping this under sRefreshing-- will avoid an infinite loop.
  while (sContainerPostRefreshList && sContainerPostRefreshList->Count()) {
    PRInt32 last = sContainerPostRefreshList->Count() - 1;
    nsIXFormsControl* container =
      NS_STATIC_CAST(nsIXFormsControl*, sContainerPostRefreshList->ElementAt(last));
    if (container) {
  delete sContainerPostRefreshList;
  sContainerPostRefreshList = nsnull;

Member Function Documentation

Definition at line 581 of file nsXFormsModelElement.cpp.

  return sPostRefreshList;

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