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nsObserverEntry Class Reference

#include <nsDTDUtils.h>

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Public Member Functions

NS_DECL_ISUPPORTS nsObserverEntry (const nsAString &aString)
virtual ~nsObserverEntry ()
NS_IMETHOD Notify (nsIParserNode *aNode, nsIParser *aParser, nsISupports *aWebShell, const PRUint32 aFlags)
nsresult AddObserver (nsIElementObserver *aObserver, eHTMLTags aTag)
void RemoveObserver (nsIElementObserver *aObserver)
PRBool Matches (const nsAString &aTopic)

Protected Attributes

nsAutoString mTopic
nsVoidArraymObservers [NS_HTML_TAG_MAX+1]


class nsMatchesTopic

Detailed Description

Definition at line 441 of file nsDTDUtils.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

nsObserverEntry::nsObserverEntry ( const nsAString &  aString)

Definition at line 1012 of file nsDTDUtils.cpp.

                                                        : mTopic(aTopic) 
  memset(mObservers, 0, sizeof(mObservers));

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Definition at line 1017 of file nsDTDUtils.cpp.

  for (PRInt32 i = 0; i <= NS_HTML_TAG_MAX; ++i){
    if (mObservers[i]) {
      PRInt32 count = mObservers[i]->Count();
      for (PRInt32 j = 0; j < count; ++j) {
        nsISupports* obs = (nsISupports*)mObservers[i]->ElementAt(j);
      delete mObservers[i];

Member Function Documentation

Definition at line 1111 of file nsDTDUtils.cpp.

  if (aObserver) {
    if (!mObservers[aTag]) {
      mObservers[aTag] = new nsAutoVoidArray();
      if (!mObservers[aTag]) {
        return NS_ERROR_OUT_OF_MEMORY;
  return NS_OK;

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PRBool nsObserverEntry::Matches ( const nsAString &  aTopic)

Definition at line 1105 of file nsDTDUtils.cpp.

  PRBool result = aString.Equals(mTopic);
  return result;

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NS_IMETHODIMP nsObserverEntry::Notify ( nsIParserNode aNode,
nsIParser aParser,
nsISupports *  aWebShell,
const PRUint32  aFlags 
) [virtual]

Implements nsIObserverEntry.

Definition at line 1031 of file nsDTDUtils.cpp.


  nsresult result = NS_OK;
  eHTMLTags theTag = (eHTMLTags)aNode->GetNodeType();
  if (theTag <= NS_HTML_TAG_MAX) {
    nsVoidArray*  theObservers = mObservers[theTag];
    if (theObservers) {
      PRInt32   theCharsetSource;
      nsCAutoString      charset;
      NS_ConvertASCIItoUCS2 theCharsetValue(charset);

      PRInt32 theAttrCount = aNode->GetAttributeCount(); 
      PRInt32 theObserversCount = theObservers->Count(); 
      if (0 < theObserversCount){
        nsStringArray keys(theAttrCount+4), values(theAttrCount+4);

        // XXX this and the following code may be a performance issue.
        // Every key and value is copied and added to an voidarray (causing at
        // least 2 allocations for mImpl, usually more, plus at least 1 per
        // string (total = 2*(keys+3) + 2(or more) array allocations )).
        PRInt32 index;
        for (index = 0; index < theAttrCount; ++index) {

        nsAutoString intValue;



        nsCOMPtr<nsIChannel> channel;

        for (index=0;index<theObserversCount;++index) {
          nsIElementObserver* observer = NS_STATIC_CAST(nsIElementObserver*,theObservers->ElementAt(index));
          if (observer) {
            result = observer->Notify(aWebShell, channel,
                                      &keys, &values, aFlags);
            if (NS_FAILED(result)) {

            if (result == NS_HTMLPARSER_VALID_META_CHARSET) {
              // Inform the parser that this meta tag contained a valid
              // charset. See bug 272815
              aParser->SetDocumentCharset(charset, kCharsetFromMetaTag);
              result = NS_OK;
  return result;

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Definition at line 1128 of file nsDTDUtils.cpp.

  for (PRInt32 i=0; i <= NS_HTML_TAG_MAX; ++i){
    if (mObservers[i]) {
      nsISupports* obs = aObserver;
      PRBool removed = mObservers[i]->RemoveElement(obs);
      if (removed) {

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Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class nsMatchesTopic [friend]

Definition at line 459 of file nsDTDUtils.h.

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 458 of file nsDTDUtils.h.

Definition at line 457 of file nsDTDUtils.h.

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