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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
nsOE5File Member List
This is the complete list of members for nsOE5File, including all inherited members.
ConvertIndex(nsIFileSpec *pFile, char *pBuffer, PRUint32 *pIndex, PRUint32 size)nsOE5File [private, static]
ImportMailbox(PRUint32 *pBytesDone, PRBool *pAbort, nsString &name, nsIFileSpec *inFile, nsIFileSpec *pDestination, PRUint32 *pCount)nsOE5File [static]
IsFromLine(char *pLine, PRUint32 len)nsOE5File [private, static]
IsLocalMailFile(nsIFileSpec *pFile)nsOE5File [static]
m_pFromLineSepnsOE5File [private, static]
ReadBytes(nsIFileSpec *stream, void *pBuffer, PRUint32 offset, PRUint32 bytes)nsOE5File [private, static]
ReadIndex(nsIFileSpec *pFile, PRUint32 **ppIndex, PRUint32 *pSize)nsOE5File [static]
ReadMsgIndex(nsIFileSpec *file, PRUint32 offset, PRUint32Array *pArray)nsOE5File [private, static]
VerifyLocalMailFile(nsIFileSpec *pFile)nsOE5File [static]