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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
Public Member Functions
nsMsgHeaderParser Class Reference

#include <nsMsgHeaderParser.h>

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Public Member Functions

 nsMsgHeaderParser ()
virtual ~nsMsgHeaderParser ()
void parseHeadersWithArray (in wstring aLine,[array, size_is(count)] out wstring aEmailAddresses,[array, size_is(count)] out wstring aNames,[array, size_is(count)] out wstring aFullNames,[retval] out unsigned long count)
void parseHeaderAddresses (in string charset, in string line, out string names, out string addresses, out PRUint32 numAddresses)
string extractHeaderAddressMailboxes (in string charset, in string line)
void extractHeaderAddressNames (in string charset, in string line, out string userNames)
void extractHeaderAddressName (in string charset, in string line, out string name)
void reformatHeaderAddresses (in string charset, in string line, out string reformattedAddress)
void removeDuplicateAddresses (in string charset, in string addrs, in string other_addrs, in PRBool removeAliasesToMe, out string newAddress)
string makeFullAddress (in string charset, in string name, in string addr)
wstring makeFullAddressWString (in wstring name, in wstring addr)
string unquotePhraseOrAddr (in string line, in boolean preserveIntegrity)
wstring unquotePhraseOrAddrWString (in wstring line, in boolean preserveIntegrity)
wstring reformatUnquotedAddresses (in wstring line)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 57 of file nsMsgHeaderParser.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Definition at line 91 of file nsMsgHeaderParser.cpp.


Definition at line 95 of file nsMsgHeaderParser.cpp.


Member Function Documentation

void nsIMsgHeaderParser::extractHeaderAddressName ( in string  charset,
in string  line,
out string  name 
) [inherited]
void nsIMsgHeaderParser::extractHeaderAddressNames ( in string  charset,
in string  line,
out string  userNames 
) [inherited]
string nsIMsgHeaderParser::makeFullAddress ( in string  charset,
in string  name,
in string  addr 
) [inherited]
wstring nsIMsgHeaderParser::makeFullAddressWString ( in wstring  name,
in wstring  addr 
) [inherited]
void nsIMsgHeaderParser::parseHeaderAddresses ( in string  charset,
in string  line,
out string  names,
out string  addresses,
out PRUint32  numAddresses 
) [inherited]
void nsIMsgHeaderParser::parseHeadersWithArray ( in wstring  aLine,
[array, size_is(count)] out wstring  aEmailAddresses,
[array, size_is(count)] out wstring  aNames,
[array, size_is(count)] out wstring  aFullNames,
[retval] out unsigned long  count 
) [inherited]
void nsIMsgHeaderParser::reformatHeaderAddresses ( in string  charset,
in string  line,
out string  reformattedAddress 
) [inherited]
wstring nsIMsgHeaderParser::reformatUnquotedAddresses ( in wstring  line) [inherited]
void nsIMsgHeaderParser::removeDuplicateAddresses ( in string  charset,
in string  addrs,
in string  other_addrs,
in PRBool  removeAliasesToMe,
out string  newAddress 
) [inherited]
string nsIMsgHeaderParser::unquotePhraseOrAddr ( in string  line,
in boolean  preserveIntegrity 
) [inherited]
wstring nsIMsgHeaderParser::unquotePhraseOrAddrWString ( in wstring  line,
in boolean  preserveIntegrity 
) [inherited]

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