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nsIFrameUtil Class Reference

Frame utility interface. More...

#include <nsIFrameUtil.h>

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Public Member Functions

NS_IMETHOD CompareRegressionData (FILE *aFile1, FILE *aFile2, PRInt32 aRegressionOuput)=0
 Compare two regression data dumps.
NS_IMETHOD DumpRegressionData (FILE *aInputFile, FILE *aOutputFile)=0
 Display the regression dump data stored in aInputFile1 to aOutputFile .

Detailed Description

Frame utility interface.

Definition at line 50 of file nsIFrameUtil.h.

Member Function Documentation

NS_IMETHOD nsIFrameUtil::CompareRegressionData ( FILE aFile1,
FILE aFile2,
PRInt32  aRegressionOuput 
) [pure virtual]

Compare two regression data dumps.

The return status will be NS_OK if the trees compare favoribly, otherwise the return will indicate NS_ERROR_FAILURE. Other return status's will indicate some other type of failure. The files, aFile1 and aFile2 are closed before returning. aRegressionOutput will vary output, 0 is full output, 1 is brief

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NS_IMETHOD nsIFrameUtil::DumpRegressionData ( FILE aInputFile,
FILE aOutputFile 
) [pure virtual]

Display the regression dump data stored in aInputFile1 to aOutputFile .

The file is closed before returning. If the regression data is in error somehow then NS_ERROR_FAILURE will be returned.

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