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nsIEditorSupport Class Reference

#include <nsIEditorSupport.h>

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Public Member Functions

NS_IMETHOD SplitNodeImpl (nsIDOMNode *aExistingRightNode, PRInt32 aOffset, nsIDOMNode *aNewLeftNode, nsIDOMNode *aParent)=0
 SplitNode() creates a new node identical to an existing node, and split the contents between the two nodes.
NS_IMETHOD JoinNodesImpl (nsIDOMNode *aNodeToKeep, nsIDOMNode *aNodeToJoin, nsIDOMNode *aParent, PRBool aNodeToKeepIsFirst)=0
 JoinNodes() takes 2 nodes and merge their content|children.

Static Public Member Functions

static nsresult GetChildOffset (nsIDOMNode *aChild, nsIDOMNode *aParent, PRInt32 &aOffset)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 56 of file nsIEditorSupport.h.

Member Function Documentation

static nsresult nsIEditorSupport::GetChildOffset ( nsIDOMNode aChild,
nsIDOMNode aParent,
PRInt32 aOffset 
) [static]
NS_IMETHOD nsIEditorSupport::JoinNodesImpl ( nsIDOMNode aNodeToKeep,
nsIDOMNode aNodeToJoin,
nsIDOMNode aParent,
PRBool  aNodeToKeepIsFirst 
) [pure virtual]

JoinNodes() takes 2 nodes and merge their content|children.

aNodeToKeepThe node that will remain after the join.
aNodeToJoinThe node that will be joined with aNodeToKeep. There is no requirement that the two nodes be of the same type.
aParentThe parent of aExistingRightNode
aNodeToKeepIsFirstif PR_TRUE, the contents|children of aNodeToKeep come before the contents|children of aNodeToJoin, otherwise their positions are switched.
NS_IMETHOD nsIEditorSupport::SplitNodeImpl ( nsIDOMNode aExistingRightNode,
PRInt32  aOffset,
nsIDOMNode aNewLeftNode,
nsIDOMNode aParent 
) [pure virtual]

SplitNode() creates a new node identical to an existing node, and split the contents between the two nodes.

aExistingRightNodethe node to split. It will become the new node's next sibling.
aOffsetthe offset of aExistingRightNode's content|children to do the split at
aNewLeftNode[OUT] the new node resulting from the split, becomes aExistingRightNode's previous sibling.
aParentthe parent of aExistingRightNode

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