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nsDocumentChildNodes Class Reference

#include <nsDocument.h>

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Public Member Functions

 nsDocumentChildNodes (nsIDocument *aDocument)
 ~nsDocumentChildNodes ()
NS_IMETHOD GetLength (PRUint32 *aLength)
NS_IMETHOD Item (PRUint32 aIndex, nsIDOMNode **aReturn)
void DropReference ()
nsIDOMNode item (in unsigned long index)

Public Attributes

readonly attribute unsigned long length

Protected Member Functions

 nsDocumentChildNodes ()

Protected Attributes


Detailed Description

Definition at line 215 of file nsDocument.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Definition at line 712 of file nsDocument.cpp.


  // We don't reference count our document reference (to avoid circular
  // references). We'll be told when the document goes away.
  mDocument = aDocument;

Definition at line 721 of file nsDocument.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

Definition at line 755 of file nsDocument.cpp.

Implements nsGenericDOMNodeList.

Definition at line 727 of file nsDocument.cpp.

  if (mDocument) {
    *aLength = mDocument->GetChildCount();
  } else {
    *aLength = 0;

  return NS_OK;
nsIDOMNode nsIDOMNodeList::item ( in unsigned long  index) [inherited]

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NS_IMETHODIMP nsDocumentChildNodes::Item ( PRUint32  aIndex,
nsIDOMNode **  aReturn 
) [virtual]

Implements nsGenericDOMNodeList.

Definition at line 739 of file nsDocument.cpp.

  *aReturn = nsnull;

  if (mDocument) {
    nsIContent *content = mDocument->GetChildAt(aIndex);

    if (content) {
      return CallQueryInterface(content, aReturn);

  return NS_OK;

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Member Data Documentation

readonly attribute unsigned long nsIDOMNodeList::length [inherited]

Definition at line 58 of file nsIDOMNodeList.idl.

Definition at line 229 of file nsDocument.h.

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