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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
nsCOMArray< T > Member List
This is the complete list of members for nsCOMArray< T >, including all inherited members.
AppendObject(T *aObject)nsCOMArray< T > [inline]
AppendObjects(const nsCOMArray< T > &aObjects)nsCOMArray< T > [inline]
Clear()nsCOMArray< T > [inline]
Count() const nsCOMArray< T > [inline]
EnumerateBackwards(nsCOMArrayEnumFunc aFunc, void *aData)nsCOMArray< T > [inline]
EnumerateForwards(nsCOMArrayEnumFunc aFunc, void *aData)nsCOMArray< T > [inline]
IndexOf(T *aObject) const nsCOMArray< T > [inline]
IndexOfObject(T *aObject) const nsCOMArray< T > [inline]
InsertObjectAt(T *aObject, PRInt32 aIndex)nsCOMArray< T > [inline]
InsertObjectsAt(const nsCOMArray< T > &aObjects, PRInt32 aIndex)nsCOMArray< T > [inline]
nsCOMArray()nsCOMArray< T > [inline]
nsCOMArray(PRInt32 aCount)nsCOMArray< T > [inline]
nsCOMArray(const nsCOMArray< T > &aOther)nsCOMArray< T > [inline]
ObjectAt(PRInt32 aIndex) const nsCOMArray< T > [inline]
operator=(const nsCOMArray< T > &other)nsCOMArray< T > [private]
operator[](PRInt32 aIndex) const nsCOMArray< T > [inline]
PR_CALLBACK typedefnsCOMArray< T >
PR_CALLBACK typedefnsCOMArray< T >
RemoveObject(T *aObject)nsCOMArray< T > [inline]
RemoveObjectAt(PRInt32 aIndex)nsCOMArray< T > [inline]
ReplaceObjectAt(T *aObject, PRInt32 aIndex)nsCOMArray< T > [inline]
SafeObjectAt(PRInt32 aIndex) const nsCOMArray< T > [inline]
Sort(nsCOMArrayComparatorFunc aFunc, void *aData)nsCOMArray< T > [inline]
~nsCOMArray()nsCOMArray< T > [inline]