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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
ipcClient Member List
This is the complete list of members for ipcClient, including all inherited members.
AddName(const char *name)ipcClient
AddTarget(const nsID &target)ipcClient
DelName(const char *name)ipcClient
DelTarget(const nsID &target)ipcClient
GetExpectsSyncReply() const ipcClient [inline]
gLastIDipcClient [private, static]
HasName(const char *name) const ipcClient [inline]
HasTarget(const nsID &target) const ipcClient [inline]
ID() const ipcClient [inline]
mExpectsSyncReplyipcClient [private]
mIDipcClient [private]
mNamesipcClient [private]
mTargetsipcClient [private]
Names() const ipcClient [inline]
PrimaryName() const ipcClient [inline]
SetExpectsSyncReply(PRBool val)ipcClient [inline]
Targets() const ipcClient [inline]