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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
gfxPattern Member List
This is the complete list of members for gfxPattern, including all inherited members.
AddColorStop(gfxFloat offset, const gfxRGBA &c)gfxPattern [inline]
CairoPattern()gfxPattern [inline]
CurrentMatrix() const gfxPattern [inline]
Extend() const gfxPattern [inline]
Filter() const gfxPattern [inline]
gfxPattern(gfxASurface *surface)gfxPattern [inline]
gfxPattern(gfxFloat x0, gfxFloat y0, gfxFloat x1, gfxFloat y1)gfxPattern [inline]
gfxPattern(gfxFloat cx0, gfxFloat cy0, gfxFloat radius0, gfxFloat cx1, gfxFloat cy1, gfxFloat radius1)gfxPattern [inline]
gfxPattern(cairo_pattern_t *pattern)gfxPattern [inline, protected]
mPatterngfxPattern [protected]
SetExtend(int extend)gfxPattern [inline]
SetFilter(int filter)gfxPattern [inline]
SetMatrix(const gfxMatrix &matrix)gfxPattern [inline]
~gfxPattern()gfxPattern [inline, virtual]