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gfxMatrix Member List
This is the complete list of members for gfxMatrix, including all inherited members.
GetScaling() const gfxMatrix [inline]
GetTranslation() const gfxMatrix [inline]
gfxMatrix()gfxMatrix [inline]
gfxMatrix(const gfxMatrix &m)gfxMatrix [inline]
gfxMatrix(gfxFloat a, gfxFloat b, gfxFloat c, gfxFloat d, gfxFloat tx, gfxFloat ty)gfxMatrix [inline]
gfxMatrix(const cairo_matrix_t &m)gfxMatrix [inline]
HasShear() const gfxMatrix [inline]
Invert()gfxMatrix [inline]
matgfxMatrix [protected]
Multiply(const gfxMatrix &m)gfxMatrix [inline]
operator*(const gfxMatrix &m)gfxMatrix [inline]
operator*=(const gfxMatrix &m)gfxMatrix [inline]
operator=(const cairo_matrix_t &m)gfxMatrix [inline]
Reset()gfxMatrix [inline]
Rotate(gfxFloat radians)gfxMatrix [inline]
Scale(gfxFloat x, gfxFloat y)gfxMatrix [inline]
ToCairoMatrix() const gfxMatrix [inline]
ToValues(gfxFloat *xx, gfxFloat *yx, gfxFloat *xy, gfxFloat *yy, gfxFloat *x0, gfxFloat *y0) const gfxMatrix [inline]
TransformDistance(gfxFloat *dx, gfxFloat *dy) const gfxMatrix [inline]
TransformPoint(gfxFloat *x, gfxFloat *y) const gfxMatrix [inline]
Translate(const gfxPoint &pt)gfxMatrix [inline]