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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
XPCThrower Member List
This is the complete list of members for XPCThrower, including all inherited members.
BuildAndThrowException(JSContext *cx, nsresult rv, const char *sz)XPCThrower [private, static]
CheckForPendingException(nsresult result, XPCCallContext &ccx)XPCThrower [private, static]
SetVerbosity(JSBool state)XPCThrower [inline, static]
sVerboseXPCThrower [private, static]
Throw(nsresult rv, JSContext *cx)XPCThrower [static]
Throw(nsresult rv, XPCCallContext &ccx)XPCThrower [static]
ThrowBadParam(nsresult rv, uintN paramNum, XPCCallContext &ccx)XPCThrower [static]
ThrowBadResult(nsresult rv, nsresult result, XPCCallContext &ccx)XPCThrower [static]
ThrowExceptionObject(JSContext *cx, nsIException *e)XPCThrower [private, static]
Verbosify(XPCCallContext &ccx, char **psz, PRBool own)XPCThrower [private, static]