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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
Value Member List
This is the complete list of members for Value, including all inherited members.
Clear()Value [protected]
eInteger enum valueValue
eISupports enum valueValue
Equals(const Value &aValue) const Value [protected]
Equals(nsISupports *aISupports) const Value [protected]
Equals(const PRUnichar *aString) const Value [protected]
Equals(PRInt32 aInteger) const Value [protected]
eString enum valueValue
eUndefined enum valueValue
GetType() const Value [inline]
Hash() const Value
mTypeValue [protected]
operator const PRUnichar *() const Value
operator nsISupports *() const Value
operator PRInt32() const Value
operator!=(const Value &aValue) const Value [inline]
operator!=(nsISupports *aISupports) const Value [inline]
operator!=(const PRUnichar *aString) const Value [inline]
operator!=(PRInt32 aInteger) const Value [inline]
operator=(const Value &aValue)Value
operator=(nsISupports *aISupports)Value
operator=(const PRUnichar *aString)Value
operator=(PRInt32 aInteger)Value
operator==(const Value &aValue) const Value [inline]
operator==(nsISupports *aISupports) const Value [inline]
operator==(const PRUnichar *aString) const Value [inline]
operator==(PRInt32 aInteger) const Value [inline]
Type enum nameValue
Value()Value [inline]
Value(const Value &aValue)Value
Value(nsISupports *aISupports)Value
Value(const PRUnichar *aString)Value
Value(PRInt32 aInteger)Value