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TestProps Class Reference

Simple testcase that uses the nsIProperties interface to test the JavaXPCOM code. More...

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Static Public Member Functions

static void main (String[] args) throws Exception

Static Public Attributes

static final String NS_PROPERTIES_CONTRACTID = ";1"

Detailed Description

Simple testcase that uses the nsIProperties interface to test the JavaXPCOM code.

In particular, it tests for 'out' and 'array' params (see method call to getKeys).

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Member Function Documentation

static void TestProps.main ( String[]  args) throws Exception [inline, static]

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    String mozillaPath = System.getProperty("MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME");
    if (mozillaPath == null) {
      throw new RuntimeException("MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME system property not set.");

    File localFile = new File(mozillaPath);
    XPCOM.initXPCOM(localFile, null);
    // XPCOM.initXPCOM() only initializes XPCOM.  If you want to initialize
    // Gecko, you would do the following instead:
    //    GeckoEmbed.initEmbedding(localFile, null);

    nsIComponentManager componentManager = XPCOM.getComponentManager();
    nsIProperties props = (nsIProperties)
      componentManager.createInstanceByContractID(NS_PROPERTIES_CONTRACTID, null,
    if (props == null) {
      throw new RuntimeException("Failed to create nsIProperties.");

    // create the nsISupports objects we will use
    nsILocalFile localFile1 = XPCOM.newLocalFile("/user/local/share", false);
    nsILocalFile localFile2 = XPCOM.newLocalFile("/home/foo", false);
    nsILocalFile localFile3 = XPCOM.newLocalFile("/home/foo/bar", false);

    // set the properties and associate with the created objects
    props.set("File One", localFile1);
    props.set("File Two", localFile2);
    props.set("File One Repeated", localFile1);
    props.set("File Three", localFile3);

    // test the "has" method
    boolean hasProp = props.has("File One");
    if (hasProp == false)
      throw new NoSuchElementException("Could not find property 'File One'.");
    hasProp = props.has("File One Repeated");
    if (hasProp == false)
      throw new NoSuchElementException("Could not find property 'File One Repeated'.");
    hasProp = props.has("Nonexistant Property");
    if (hasProp == true)
      throw new Exception("Found property that doesn't exist.");

    // test the "get" method
    nsILocalFile tempLocalFile = (nsILocalFile) props.get("File One Repeated",
    if (tempLocalFile == null)
      throw new NoSuchElementException("Property 'File One Repeated' not found.");
    if (tempLocalFile != localFile1)
      throw new Exception("Object returned by 'get' not the same as object passed to 'set'.");

    // test the "undefine" method
    hasProp = props.has("File Two");
    if (hasProp == false)
      throw new NoSuchElementException();
    props.undefine("File Two");
    hasProp = props.has("File Two");
    if (hasProp == true)
      throw new NoSuchElementException();

    // test the "getKeys" method
    long[] count = new long[1];
    String[] keys = props.getKeys(count);
    if (keys == null || keys.length != 3) {
      System.out.println("getKeys returned incorrect array.");
    for (int i = 0; i < keys.length; i++) {
      System.out.println("key " + i + ": " + keys[i]);

    //    GeckoEmbed.termEmbedding();

    System.out.println("Test Passed.");

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final String TestProps.NS_PROPERTIES_CONTRACTID = ";1" [static]

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