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Silverstone.Manticore.Core.WindowMediator Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 WindowMediator ()
IEnumerator GetEnumerator ()

IEnumerator GetEnumeratorForType (String aType)
ManticoreWindow GetMostRecentWindow (String aType)
void SetMostRecentWindow (ManticoreWindow aWindow)
void RegisterWindow (ManticoreWindow aWindow)
void UnregisterWindow (ManticoreWindow aWindow)

Protected Attributes

Hashtable mWindows
Hashtable mRecentWindows

Detailed Description

Summary description for WindowMediator.

Definition at line 55 of file WindowMediator.cs.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Definition at line 57 of file WindowMediator.cs.

      mWindows = new Hashtable();
      mRecentWindows = new Hashtable();

Member Function Documentation



Definition at line 67 of file WindowMediator.cs.

      return mWindows.GetEnumerator();

Definition at line 72 of file WindowMediator.cs.

      return (mWindows[aType] as Hashtable).GetEnumerator();

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Definition at line 80 of file WindowMediator.cs.

      if (mRecentWindows.ContainsKey(aType)) 
        return mRecentWindows[aType] as ManticoreWindow;
      return null;

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Definition at line 95 of file WindowMediator.cs.

      if (!mWindows.ContainsKey(aWindow.Type))
        mWindows[aWindow.Type] = new Hashtable();
      Hashtable windowList = mWindows[aWindow.Type] as Hashtable;
      windowList.Add(aWindow.GetHashCode(), aWindow);

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Definition at line 87 of file WindowMediator.cs.

      if (!mRecentWindows.ContainsKey(aWindow.Type))
        mRecentWindows.Add(aWindow.Type, aWindow);
        mRecentWindows[aWindow.Type] = aWindow;

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Definition at line 103 of file WindowMediator.cs.

      // If this is the last window of a specific type, remove it from the window list
      Hashtable windowsForType = mWindows[aWindow.Type] as Hashtable;
      IEnumerator e = windowsForType.GetEnumerator();
      ManticoreWindow window = e.Current as ManticoreWindow;
      if (window == null)
      ManticoreWindow mostRecentWindow = GetMostRecentWindow(aWindow.Type);
      if (mostRecentWindow == window) 
        if (window != null) 

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Here is the caller graph for this function:

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 78 of file WindowMediator.cs.

Definition at line 77 of file WindowMediator.cs.

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