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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
Leak Member List
This is the complete list of members for Leak, including all inherited members.
clearMarks()Leak [inline, package]
clearTotalSize()Leak [inline, package]
computeTotalSize()Leak [inline, package]
contains(long address)Reference [inline]
findNearest(Reference[] sortedRefs, int address)Reference [inline, static]
INDENTLeak [package, static]
Leak(String addr, Type type, Object[] refs, long crawlOffset, short crawlCount)Leak [inline, package]
mAddressReference [package]
mChildCountLeak [package]
mCrawlCountLeak [package]
mCrawlOffsetLeak [package]
mMarkedLeak [package]
mNameLeak [package]
mParentsLeak [package]
mRefCountLeak [package]
mReferencesReference [package]
mTotalSizeLeak [package]
mTypeReference [package]
printCycle(PrintWriter out)Leak [inline, package]
printCycle(PrintWriter out, int indent)Leak [inline, private]
printGraph(PrintWriter out)Leak [inline, package]
printGraph(PrintWriter out, int indent)Leak [inline, private]
Reference(String addr, Type type, Object[] refs)Reference [inline]
setParents(Vector parents)Leak [inline, package]
toString()Leak [inline]