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DefaultTooltipTextProvider Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 DefaultTooltipTextProvider ()
boolean getNodeText (in nsIDOMNode aNode, out wstring aText)
 Called to obtain the tooltip text for a node.

Protected Attributes

nsCOMPtr< nsIAtommTag_dialog
nsCOMPtr< nsIAtommTag_dialogheader
nsCOMPtr< nsIAtommTag_window

Detailed Description

Definition at line 994 of file nsDocShellTreeOwner.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Definition at line 1010 of file nsDocShellTreeOwner.cpp.

    // There are certain element types which we don't want to use
    // as tool tip text. 
    mTag_dialog       = do_GetAtom("dialog");
    mTag_dialogheader = do_GetAtom("dialogheader");
    mTag_window       = do_GetAtom("window");   

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Member Function Documentation

boolean nsITooltipTextProvider::getNodeText ( in nsIDOMNode  aNode,
out wstring  aText 
) [inherited]

Called to obtain the tooltip text for a node.

  • aNode The node to obtain the text from.
  • aText The tooltip text.
PR_TRUE if tooltip text is associated with the node and was returned in the aText argument; PR_FALSE otherwise.

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 1003 of file nsDocShellTreeOwner.cpp.

Definition at line 1004 of file nsDocShellTreeOwner.cpp.

Definition at line 1005 of file nsDocShellTreeOwner.cpp.

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