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DOMMimeTypeImpl Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

NS_DECL_ISUPPORTS DOMMimeTypeImpl (nsPluginTag *aPluginTag, PRUint32 aMimeTypeIndex)
virtual ~DOMMimeTypeImpl ()
NS_METHOD GetDescription (nsAString &aDescription)
NS_METHOD GetEnabledPlugin (nsIDOMPlugin **aEnabledPlugin)
NS_METHOD GetSuffixes (nsAString &aSuffixes)
NS_METHOD GetType (nsAString &aType)

Public Attributes

readonly attribute DOMString description
readonly attribute nsIDOMPlugin enabledPlugin
readonly attribute DOMString suffixes
readonly attribute DOMString type

Private Attributes

nsString mDescription
nsString mSuffixes
nsString mType
nsCOMPtr< nsIUnicodeDecodermUnicodeDecoder

Detailed Description

Definition at line 4267 of file nsPluginHostImpl.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

NS_DECL_ISUPPORTS DOMMimeTypeImpl::DOMMimeTypeImpl ( nsPluginTag aPluginTag,
PRUint32  aMimeTypeIndex 
) [inline]

Definition at line 4271 of file nsPluginHostImpl.cpp.

    (void) CreateUnicodeDecoder(getter_AddRefs(mUnicodeDecoder));
    if (aPluginTag) {
      if (aPluginTag->mMimeDescriptionArray)
        (void) DoCharsetConversion(mUnicodeDecoder,
                                   aPluginTag->mMimeDescriptionArray[aMimeTypeIndex], mDescription);
      if (aPluginTag->mExtensionsArray)
      if (aPluginTag->mMimeTypeArray)

Here is the call graph for this function:

virtual DOMMimeTypeImpl::~DOMMimeTypeImpl ( ) [inline, virtual]

Definition at line 4285 of file nsPluginHostImpl.cpp.


Member Function Documentation

NS_METHOD DOMMimeTypeImpl::GetDescription ( nsAString &  aDescription) [inline]

Definition at line 4288 of file nsPluginHostImpl.cpp.

    return NS_OK;
NS_METHOD DOMMimeTypeImpl::GetEnabledPlugin ( nsIDOMPlugin **  aEnabledPlugin) [inline]

Definition at line 4294 of file nsPluginHostImpl.cpp.

    // this has to be implemented by the DOM version.
    *aEnabledPlugin = nsnull;
    return NS_OK;
NS_METHOD DOMMimeTypeImpl::GetSuffixes ( nsAString &  aSuffixes) [inline]

Definition at line 4301 of file nsPluginHostImpl.cpp.

    return NS_OK;
NS_METHOD DOMMimeTypeImpl::GetType ( nsAString &  aType) [inline]

Definition at line 4307 of file nsPluginHostImpl.cpp.

    return NS_OK;

Member Data Documentation

readonly attribute DOMString nsIDOMMimeType::description [inherited]

Definition at line 45 of file nsIDOMMimeType.idl.

Definition at line 46 of file nsIDOMMimeType.idl.

Definition at line 4314 of file nsPluginHostImpl.cpp.

Definition at line 4315 of file nsPluginHostImpl.cpp.

Definition at line 4316 of file nsPluginHostImpl.cpp.

Definition at line 4317 of file nsPluginHostImpl.cpp.

readonly attribute DOMString nsIDOMMimeType::suffixes [inherited]

Definition at line 47 of file nsIDOMMimeType.idl.

readonly attribute DOMString nsIDOMMimeType::type [inherited]

Definition at line 48 of file nsIDOMMimeType.idl.

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