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CSSRuleListImpl Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 CSSRuleListImpl (nsCSSStyleSheet *aStyleSheet)
NS_IMETHOD Item (PRUint32 aIndex, nsIDOMCSSRule **aReturn)
void DropReference ()
nsIDOMCSSRule item (in unsigned long index)

Public Attributes

PRBool mRulesAccessed
readonly attribute unsigned long length

Protected Member Functions

virtual ~CSSRuleListImpl ()

Protected Attributes


Detailed Description

Definition at line 728 of file nsCSSStyleSheet.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Definition at line 749 of file nsCSSStyleSheet.cpp.

  // Not reference counted to avoid circular references.
  // The style sheet will tell us when its going away.
  mStyleSheet = aStyleSheet;
  mRulesAccessed = PR_FALSE;
CSSRuleListImpl::~CSSRuleListImpl ( ) [protected, virtual]

Definition at line 757 of file nsCSSStyleSheet.cpp.


Member Function Documentation

Definition at line 739 of file nsCSSStyleSheet.cpp.

Here is the caller graph for this function:

Definition at line 774 of file nsCSSStyleSheet.cpp.

  if (nsnull != mStyleSheet) {
    PRInt32 count;
    *aLength = (PRUint32)count;
  else {
    *aLength = 0;

  return NS_OK;
nsIDOMCSSRule nsIDOMCSSRuleList::item ( in unsigned long  index) [inherited]

Definition at line 789 of file nsCSSStyleSheet.cpp.

  nsresult result = NS_OK;

  *aReturn = nsnull;
  if (mStyleSheet) {
    result = mStyleSheet->EnsureUniqueInner(); // needed to ensure rules have correct parent
    if (NS_SUCCEEDED(result)) {
      nsCOMPtr<nsICSSRule> rule;

      result = mStyleSheet->GetStyleRuleAt(aIndex, *getter_AddRefs(rule));
      if (rule) {
        result = rule->GetDOMRule(aReturn);
        mRulesAccessed = PR_TRUE; // signal to never share rules again
      } else if (result == NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE) {
        result = NS_OK; // per spec: "Return Value ... null if ... not a valid index."
  return result;

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Member Data Documentation

readonly attribute unsigned long nsIDOMCSSRuleList::length [inherited]

Definition at line 55 of file nsIDOMCSSRuleList.idl.

Definition at line 746 of file nsCSSStyleSheet.cpp.

Definition at line 744 of file nsCSSStyleSheet.cpp.

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