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CSSDisablePropsRule Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 CSSDisablePropsRule ()
virtual ~CSSDisablePropsRule ()
NS_DECL_ISUPPORTS void CommonMapRuleInfoInto (nsRuleData *aRuleData)
NS_IMETHOD MapRuleInfoInto (nsRuleData *aRuleData)=0
 |nsIStyleRule::MapRuleInfoInto| is a request to copy all stylistic data represented by the rule that:

Protected Attributes

nsCSSValueList mInheritList
nsCSSQuotes mInheritQuotes
nsCSSCounterData mNoneCounter

Detailed Description

Definition at line 65 of file nsHTMLCSSStyleSheet.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Definition at line 85 of file nsHTMLCSSStyleSheet.cpp.

Definition at line 108 of file nsHTMLCSSStyleSheet.cpp.


Member Function Documentation

Definition at line 136 of file nsHTMLCSSStyleSheet.cpp.

   * Common code for disabling the properties that apply neither to
   * :first-letter nor to :first-line.

  // Disable 'unicode-bidi'.
  if (aData->mSID == eStyleStruct_TextReset) {
    nsCSSValue normal(eCSSUnit_Normal);
    aData->mTextData->mUnicodeBidi = normal;

  // NOTE: 'text-align', 'text-indent', and 'white-space' should not be
  // handled by the frames so we don't need to bother.

  // Disable everything in the nsRuleDataDisplay struct except 'float'
  // and 'clear'.
  if (aData->mSID == eStyleStruct_Visibility) {
    nsCSSValue inherit(eCSSUnit_Inherit);
    aData->mDisplayData->mVisibility = inherit;
    aData->mDisplayData->mDirection = inherit;

  if (aData->mSID == eStyleStruct_Display) {
    nsCSSValue none(eCSSUnit_None);
    aData->mDisplayData->mAppearance = none;

    nsCSSValue autovalue(eCSSUnit_Auto);
    aData->mDisplayData->mClip.mTop = autovalue;
    aData->mDisplayData->mClip.mRight = autovalue;
    aData->mDisplayData->mClip.mBottom = autovalue;
    aData->mDisplayData->mClip.mLeft = autovalue;

    nsCSSValue one(1.0f, eCSSUnit_Number);
    aData->mDisplayData->mOpacity = one;

    nsCSSValue inlinevalue(NS_STYLE_DISPLAY_INLINE, eCSSUnit_Enumerated);
    aData->mDisplayData->mDisplay = inlinevalue;

    aData->mDisplayData->mBinding = none;

    nsCSSValue staticposition(NS_STYLE_POSITION_STATIC, eCSSUnit_Enumerated);
    aData->mDisplayData->mPosition = staticposition;

    nsCSSValue visible(NS_STYLE_OVERFLOW_VISIBLE, eCSSUnit_Enumerated);
    aData->mDisplayData->mOverflowX = visible;
    aData->mDisplayData->mOverflowY = visible;

    // Nobody will care about 'break-before' or 'break-after', since
    // they only apply to blocks (assuming we implement them correctly).

  // NOTE:  We'll never do anything with what's in nsCSSList,
  // nsCSSTable, nsCSSBreaks, nsCSSPage, nsCSSAural, nsCSSXUL, or
  // nsCSSSVG, so don't bother.

  // Disable everything in the position struct.
  if (aData->mSID == eStyleStruct_Position) {
    nsCSSValue autovalue(eCSSUnit_Auto);
    nsCSSValue none(eCSSUnit_None);
    nsCSSValue zero(0.0f, eCSSUnit_Point);
    aData->mPositionData->mOffset.mTop = autovalue;
    aData->mPositionData->mOffset.mRight = autovalue;
    aData->mPositionData->mOffset.mBottom = autovalue;
    aData->mPositionData->mOffset.mLeft = autovalue;
    aData->mPositionData->mWidth = autovalue;
    aData->mPositionData->mMinWidth = zero;
    aData->mPositionData->mMaxWidth = none;
    aData->mPositionData->mHeight = autovalue;
    aData->mPositionData->mMinHeight = zero;
    aData->mPositionData->mMaxHeight = none;
    nsCSSValue content(NS_STYLE_BOX_SIZING_CONTENT, eCSSUnit_Enumerated);
    aData->mPositionData->mBoxSizing = content;
    aData->mPositionData->mZIndex = autovalue;

  // Disable everything in the Content struct.
  if (aData->mSID == eStyleStruct_Content) {
    // Don't bother resetting 'content'.

    aData->mContentData->mCounterIncrement = &mNoneCounter;
    aData->mContentData->mCounterReset = &mNoneCounter;

    nsCSSValue autovalue(eCSSUnit_Auto);
    aData->mContentData->mMarkerOffset = autovalue;

  if (aData->mSID == eStyleStruct_Quotes) {
    aData->mContentData->mQuotes = &mInheritQuotes;

  // Disable everything in the UserInterface struct.
  if (aData->mSID == eStyleStruct_UserInterface) {
    nsCSSValue inherit(eCSSUnit_Inherit);
    aData->mUserInterfaceData->mUserInput = inherit;
    aData->mUserInterfaceData->mUserModify = inherit;
    aData->mUserInterfaceData->mUserFocus = inherit;
    aData->mUserInterfaceData->mCursor = &mInheritList;

  if (aData->mSID == eStyleStruct_UIReset) {
    nsCSSValue autovalue(eCSSUnit_Auto);
    nsCSSValue none(eCSSUnit_None);
    // Don't bother with '-moz-force-broken-image-icon' since it's only
    // half a property.
    // Don't bother with '-moz-user-select' because there's no way to
    // specify the initial value.

  // Disable all outline properties.
  if (aData->mSID == eStyleStruct_Outline) {
    nsCSSValue none(NS_STYLE_BORDER_STYLE_NONE, eCSSUnit_Enumerated);
    aData->mMarginData->mOutlineStyle = none;


Here is the caller graph for this function:

NS_IMETHOD nsIStyleRule::MapRuleInfoInto ( nsRuleData aRuleData) [pure virtual, inherited]

|nsIStyleRule::MapRuleInfoInto| is a request to copy all stylistic data represented by the rule that:

  • are relevant for |aRuleData->mSID| (the style struct ID)
  • are not already filled into the data struct into the appropriate data struct in |aRuleData|. It is important that only empty data are filled in, since the rule tree is walked from highest priority rule to least, so that the walk can stop if all needed data are found. Thus overwriting non-empty data will break CSS cascading rules.

Implemented in CSSStyleRuleImpl, CSSImportantRule, nsHTMLStyleSheet::TableUngroupedColRule, nsHTMLStyleSheet::TableColRule, nsHTMLStyleSheet::TableColgroupRule, nsHTMLStyleSheet::TableRowRule, nsHTMLStyleSheet::TableTbodyRule, nsHTMLStyleSheet::TableTHRule, nsHTMLStyleSheet::GenericTableRule, nsHTMLStyleSheet::HTMLColorRule, CSSFirstLetterRule, nsMappedAttributes, CSSFirstLineRule, and BodyRule.

Here is the caller graph for this function:

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 80 of file nsHTMLCSSStyleSheet.cpp.

Definition at line 81 of file nsHTMLCSSStyleSheet.cpp.

Definition at line 82 of file nsHTMLCSSStyleSheet.cpp.

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