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CEnterLeavePython Class Reference

#include <PyXPCOM.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CEnterLeavePython ()
 ~CEnterLeavePython ()

Private Attributes

PRBool created

Detailed Description

Definition at line 614 of file PyXPCOM.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Definition at line 616 of file PyXPCOM.h.

              created = PyXPCOM_ThreadState_Ensure();
              if (created) {
                     // If pending python calls are waiting as we enter Python,
                     // it will generally mean an asynch signal handler, etc.
                     // We can either call it here, or wait for Python to call it
                     // as part of its "even 'n' opcodes" check.  If we wait for
                     // Python to check it and the pending call raises an exception,
                     // then it is _our_ code that will fail - this is unfair,
                     // as the signal was raised before we were entered - indeed,
                     // we may be directly responding to the signal!
                     // Thus, we flush all the pending calls here, and report any
                     // exceptions via our normal exception reporting mechanism.
                     // We can then execute our code in the knowledge that only
                     // signals raised _while_ we are executing will cause exceptions.

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Definition at line 635 of file PyXPCOM.h.

       // The interpreter state must be cleared
       // _before_ we release the lock, as some of
       // the sys. attributes cleared (eg, the current exception)
       // may need the lock to invoke their destructors - 
       // specifically, when exc_value is a class instance, and
       // the exception holds the last reference!
              if ( created )
              if ( created )

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Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 649 of file PyXPCOM.h.

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