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AsyncWriteThread Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 AsyncWriteThread (mozIStorageService *aStorageService)
 Defines an entry point for a newly created thread.
void run ()

Protected Attributes

nsCOMPtr< mozIStorageServicemStorageService

Detailed Description

Definition at line 460 of file mozStorageAsyncIO.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AsyncWriteThread::AsyncWriteThread ( mozIStorageService aStorageService) [inline]

Definition at line 463 of file mozStorageAsyncIO.cpp.

    mStorageService(aStorageService) {}

Member Function Documentation

void nsIRunnable::run ( ) [inherited]

Defines an entry point for a newly created thread.

Implements nsIRunnable.

Definition at line 468 of file mozStorageAsyncIO.cpp.

    NS_ASSERTION(! AsyncWriterHaltWhenIdle, "You don't want halt on idle when starting up!");

    // this will delay processing the release of the storage service until we
    // get to the main thread.
    nsCOMPtr<nsIEventQueue> eventQueue;
    nsresult rv = NS_GetMainEventQ(getter_AddRefs(eventQueue));
    if (NS_SUCCEEDED(rv)) {
      mozIStorageService* service = nsnull;
      NS_ProxyRelease(eventQueue, service);
    } else {
      NS_NOTREACHED("No event queue");
    return NS_OK;

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Definition at line 492 of file mozStorageAsyncIO.cpp.

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