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atypes.hxx File Reference
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struct  affentry
struct  replentry
struct  mapentry
struct  guessword


#define SETSIZE   256
#define MAXAFFIXES   256
#define MAXWORDLEN   100
#define XPRODUCT   (1 << 0)
#define MAXLNLEN   1024
#define TESTAFF(a, b, c)   memchr((void *)(a), (int)(b), (size_t)(c) )

Class Documentation

struct affentry

Definition at line 13 of file atypes.hxx.

Class Members
char achar
char * appnd
short appndl
char conds
short numconds
char * strip
short stripl
short xpflg
struct replentry

Definition at line 25 of file atypes.hxx.

Class Members
char * pattern
char * replacement
struct mapentry

Definition at line 30 of file atypes.hxx.

Collaboration diagram for mapentry:
Class Members
int len
char * set
struct guessword

Definition at line 35 of file atypes.hxx.

Class Members
bool allow
char * word

Define Documentation

#define MAXAFFIXES   256

Definition at line 5 of file atypes.hxx.

#define MAXLNLEN   1024

Definition at line 9 of file atypes.hxx.

#define MAXWORDLEN   100

Definition at line 6 of file atypes.hxx.

#define SETSIZE   256

Definition at line 4 of file atypes.hxx.

#define TESTAFF (   a,
)    memchr((void *)(a), (int)(b), (size_t)(c) )

Definition at line 11 of file atypes.hxx.

#define XPRODUCT   (1 << 0)

Definition at line 7 of file atypes.hxx.