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PyISupports.cpp File Reference
#include "PyXPCOM_std.h"

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struct  PyMethodDef


PRInt32 _PyXPCOM_GetInterfaceCount (void)


static PRInt32 cInterfaces = 0
static PyObject * g_obFuncMakeInterfaceCount = NULL

Class Documentation

struct PyMethodDef

Definition at line 430 of file PyISupports.cpp.

Class Members
Queries the object for an interface

Function Documentation

Definition at line 54 of file PyISupports.cpp.

       return cInterfaces;

Variable Documentation

PRInt32 cInterfaces = 0 [static]

Definition at line 50 of file PyISupports.cpp.

PyObject* g_obFuncMakeInterfaceCount = NULL [static]

Definition at line 51 of file PyISupports.cpp.