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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
GUSIFileSpec.h File Reference
#include <MacTypes.h>
#include <Files.h>
#include <Folders.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <sys/cdefs.h>

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__BEGIN_DECLS OSErr GUSIFRefNum2FSp (short fRefNum, FSSpec *desc)
OSErr GUSIWD2FSp (short wd, ConstStr31Param name, FSSpec *desc)
OSErr GUSIPath2FSp (const char *path, FSSpec *desc)
OSErr GUSISpecial2FSp (OSType object, short vol, FSSpec *desc)
OSErr GUSIMakeTempFSp (short vol, long dirID, FSSpec *desc)
char * GUSIFSp2FullPath (const FSSpec *desc)
char * GUSIFSp2RelPath (const FSSpec *desc)
char * GUSIFSp2DirRelPath (const FSSpec *desc, const FSSpec *dir)
char * GUSIFSp2Encoding (const FSSpec *desc)
OSErr GUSIFSpUp (FSSpec *desc)
OSErr GUSIFSpDown (FSSpec *desc, ConstStr31Param name)
OSErr GUSIFSpIndex (FSSpec *desc, short n)
OSErr GUSIFSpResolve (FSSpec *spec)
OSErr GUSIFSpTouchFolder (const FSSpec *spec)
OSErr GUSIFSpGetCatInfo (const FSSpec *spec, CInfoPBRec *info)

Function Documentation

__BEGIN_DECLS OSErr GUSIFRefNum2FSp ( short  fRefNum,
FSSpec desc 
char* GUSIFSp2DirRelPath ( const FSSpec desc,
const FSSpec dir 
char* GUSIFSp2Encoding ( const FSSpec desc)
char* GUSIFSp2FullPath ( const FSSpec desc)
char* GUSIFSp2RelPath ( const FSSpec desc)
OSErr GUSIFSpDown ( FSSpec desc,
ConstStr31Param  name 
OSErr GUSIFSpGetCatInfo ( const FSSpec spec,
CInfoPBRec *  info 
OSErr GUSIFSpIndex ( FSSpec desc,
short  n 
OSErr GUSIFSpResolve ( FSSpec spec)
OSErr GUSIFSpTouchFolder ( const FSSpec spec)
OSErr GUSIFSpUp ( FSSpec desc)
OSErr GUSIMakeTempFSp ( short  vol,
long  dirID,
FSSpec desc 
OSErr GUSIPath2FSp ( const char *  path,
FSSpec desc 
OSErr GUSISpecial2FSp ( OSType  object,
short  vol,
FSSpec desc 
OSErr GUSIWD2FSp ( short  wd,
ConstStr31Param  name,
FSSpec desc