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lightning-sunbird  0.9+nobinonly
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CTextInputEventHandler.h File Reference
#include <CarbonEvents.h>
#include <TextServices.h>
#include "nsIMacTextInputEventSink.h"
#include "CBrowserShell.h"
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class  CTextInputEventHandler


void InitializeTextInputEventHandling ()

Function Documentation

Definition at line 343 of file CTextInputEventHandling.cpp.

  static CTextInputEventHandler Singleton;
  EventTypeSpec eventTypes[5] = {
    {kEventClassTextInput, kEventTextInputUpdateActiveInputArea },
    {kEventClassTextInput, kEventTextInputUnicodeForKeyEvent },
    {kEventClassTextInput, kEventTextInputOffsetToPos },
    {kEventClassTextInput, kEventTextInputPosToOffset },
    {kEventClassTextInput, kEventTextInputGetSelectedText }
  EventHandlerUPP textInputUPP = NewEventHandlerUPP(TextInputHandler); 
  OSStatus err = InstallApplicationEventHandler( textInputUPP, 5, eventTypes, &Singleton, NULL);
  NS_ASSERTION(err==noErr, "Cannot install carbon event");

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