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libsfml  1.6+dfsg2
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SoundFileDefault.hpp File Reference
#include <SFML/Audio/SoundFile.hpp>
#include <sndfile.h>
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class  sf::priv::SoundFileDefault
 Specialization of SoundFile that can handle a lot of sound formats (see libsndfile homepage for a complete list) /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////. More...
struct  sf::priv::SoundFileDefault::MemoryInfos
 Structure holding data related to memory operations /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////. More...


namespace  sf
namespace  sf::priv

Class Documentation

struct sf::priv::SoundFileDefault::MemoryInfos

Structure holding data related to memory operations /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////.

Definition at line 137 of file SoundFileDefault.hpp.

Class Members
const char * DataPtr Pointer to the current read / write position.
const char * DataStart Pointer to the begining of the data.
sf_count_t TotalSize Total size of the data, in bytes.