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libdrm  2.4.37
radeon_cs_gem.h File Reference
#include "radeon_cs.h"
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struct radeon_cs_managerradeon_cs_manager_gem_ctor (int fd)
void radeon_cs_manager_gem_dtor (struct radeon_cs_manager *csm)

Function Documentation

struct radeon_cs_manager* radeon_cs_manager_gem_ctor ( int  fd) [read]

Definition at line 531 of file radeon_cs_gem.c.

    struct radeon_cs_manager_gem *csm;

    csm = calloc(1, sizeof(struct radeon_cs_manager_gem));
    if (csm == NULL) {
        return NULL;
    csm->base.funcs = &radeon_cs_gem_funcs;
    csm->base.fd = fd;
    radeon_get_device_id(fd, &csm->device_id);
    return &csm->base;

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Definition at line 545 of file radeon_cs_gem.c.